Get a pen and notebook ready because today I am giving you all the info you will need in order to create and launch your very own podcast!

I get asked all the time so I thought it would be best to dedicate an entire show on the topic.

If you need more help, I am running a “NAME YOUR PRICE” PODCAST COACHING OFFER until 2/28/19 so please reach out this week if interested. I would LOVE to work with you!

The I Chose This Life Series is back with all new shows starting Wednesday 2/27/19. I have some incredible ladies you’ll be hearing from so stay tuned for those shows.

Commercial Spots are available for those episodes as well! $99 sale price ends 2/28/19 so please reach out if interested so I can email you my media kit with show info.

For Go Daddy and Blubrry Hosting info mentioned in the show visit the SHOP page on thehappyworkaholic.com.

Have a topic you would like me to cover? Send me a message on FB or IG @thehappyworkaholic

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These docs will help with tracking your weekly downloads for your show down the road!

For more information on sponsorship for the show, coaching programs and more visit thehappyworkaholic.com.

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