In today’s episode I’m sharing a little recap of how my week has been.

It’s always a crazy time when you are in “launch mode” and doing a promo for your business and I am filling you in on those little details.

I’m also talking about the amount of inspiration I am getting from all my new clients. These incredible women who have hired me to help them launch their own podcast.

I am obviously so grateful, but I am even more motivated after hearing their own stories. I mean I want to cry after every single coaching call, I have with them! Every single person has a story to share. It’s up to you if you want to do it!

Facebook and Instagram were down this week, so I am giving you the 411 on how I turned that annoying situation into a positive.

OMG! Oprah came to me in my dream last night. I never dream! Getting into that on the show. You guys! It’s so insane! I mean is the Universe talking to me or what?

Tune in to hear all about it…

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