Tune in today to hear a conversation I had with Genevieve Pinelli for Leverage Your LinkedIn. The Series.

Genevieve is the Founder of Paramount Partnerships where she creates space in the lives of business owners so they can make more money!!!

Think perfection on toast!!!

From working as a teacher in New York to moving down south and beginning her Virtual Assisting business, Genevieve shares her incredible journey with us today!

Why she was no longer allowed to advocate for her students to why you really need to be in alignment with who or what you are working on.

Tune in to hear her pros and cons of LinkedIn, her preferred method of connecting and how she takes her connections off the platform and turns them into clients.

Genevieve and I also have a true passion for food prepping which you will also hear a lot more of in the show. She also has an incredible course coming out soon, so be sure to click that link below in the show notes.

Saving time, money and energy is so important in your personal and professional life which we also chat about.

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