I am not in the business of giving free advice. And neither should you! Today I am sharing five very important questions you need to be asking yourself if you are a business owner, plan to be a business owner, looking to pivot or overall wanting more out of your brand…

I am also sharing why free consultations should be a thing in the past. 15 minutes OK, but 30-60? OMG! You are valuable and so is your time. Nobody will have a problem paying for it if what you have to offer is truly for them.

Research is key in any industry and I have said this a million times and explain this more in depth on today’s show. All parties need to be doing their research! I would never ever get on a call or pitch someone without doing my research. It would just be such a complete waste of time for both us us!

Tune in to hear about some recent engagement pods I’ve seen, why numbers should be a thing in the past and the content, engagement, community building and service should be what you focus on.

I want you to be successful and these are just a few ways I can help you get there.

Take advantage of this time now and up level. Do it because you really want it, you are super passionate about it, cannot stop talking about it and deserve it. Not because you think you should…

How are you explaining what it is you do? Sometimes it is just easier to spell it out. Especially if you tend to do the most. Like me! lol

Short, sweet, direct and to the point people!

I help business owners organize their space, build momentum and launch successful podcasts. See what I mean…

Now it is your turn. Take some time and reflect. Write in that beautiful journal you never use and answer these questions for yourself. I promise it will help!

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