Representing yourself in multiple legal cases involves a lot of research, dedication, organization and strategy and so does running a business and household!

Today I am sharing what it is genuinely like to represent yourself in multiple legal cases. The amount of steps you must take and how. The amount of time you are going to have to give up doing something (you love) and then invest in this process. The contacts you will need and how long it is going to take to find them and get them to answer an email or pick up a phone call. The length of research you will have to do and then what to do when it all falls apart. The legal business is full of twists and turns and a lot of work so being prepared for anything (as in life) will have to be your new mindset and approach, so you don’t lose it! And that is not a joke, because I have been on that fine line many many times…

A lot of you ask me every week how my cases are going so today I am giving you an update as well as a lot of advice to take home…

I haven’t discussed this topic on the show in a while because it makes me angry and nobody wants to hear me scream at them! I mean let’s be honest. I can give you the best advice but when it is coming from a not so calming and soothing voice you would not want to listen.

So here we are today. I am sharing what I can “legally” of what has been going on. But I am putting a spin on it. As many of you who listen to the show run a business or maybe want a business or have decided to uplevel their personal life, these tips and strategies I’ve implemented into my legal cases will also help you in your life!

I am an absolute expert at organizing, strategizing, getting mentally prepared for situations and overall having to figure sh*t out so take it from me, if you need help in this department this episode is for you!

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