Megan Stratton is crazy passionate about helping women live their best life. She is a wife, mama to a 3 year old little girl, with another little girl on the way, and lives in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN. Megan works full time for Gray Media as a Regional Sales Manager and hosts the Unshaken Podcast. A faith led sales and marketing show. She has been in the digital marketing field for a decade and when she isn’t working, you can find her by the water, eating oysters, and hanging with her family.

Tune in to hear how persistent the two of us are. Especially when it comes to recording. This was our 8th attempt! We tried to schedule and record eight times and finally this was a go. Our last resort to record was on Facebook Audio. Aghh, the joys of podcasting during a pandemic.

Speaking of pandemic, Meg also shares how she has decided to switch things up for her herself and family when it comes to eating and using cleaner and safer products as well as her new schedule and what it has been like working from home. Spoiler Alert: We are both OBSESSED with our calendars and goldfish! LOL

Meg and I share so many loves which we get into on today’s show! Meg is also giving us her “cliff notes” version of her rise to marketing and media after being on track to become a lawyer!

We’re talking all things podcasting. Why she started, pivoted, and rebranded. We both have a strong connection with LinkedIn and today you will hear both of our stories and why more of you should be utilizing the platform.

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