WOW! It has been exactly two months since I recorded a solo show. Throughout the month of July until the middle of September, I felt this strange pull to end the show. I’ve been recording for 3.5 years. That’s a lot of talking!

I am grateful for a globally syndicated show, the 74 countries that tune in each week and grateful for the reviews, the more than 20,000 listeners and Amazon Music picking up my show before their official press release went out! I am so grateful for all of this, but the feeling in my gut was pointing me in a different direction..

I know now; it was to write. That was the direction and place I needed to be in at that time. I needed a break from talking to be one with the paper. So, while I’ve been producing my weekly shows with my incredible guests I wrote a book and it is available today on everythingismessy.com.

Introducing my first book…

Everything is Messy!!!

A book about resilience, reality, and personal development with recipes to help you live a happy, healthy, positive and productive life.

Stories. Solutions. Mindset. Meals.

It’s time to get organized, put in the work and turn your dreams into a reality…

Tune in today to my raw and unedited episode (because I just had a book baby) to hear about my writing process, why I wrote a very different book, where I got the job done, who supported me and what will be happening with the show.

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