Have you been feeling the energy and shifts lately? Hello, Mercury Retrograde…

Today I am talking about my favorite coping mechanisms that help me get through stressful, mental, and emotionally draining days.

If you tuned into last week’s episode, you know what I am talking about. The PTSD triggers and trauma I experienced were next level. Episode 255 gives you the full 411 on that situation!

On a happier note…

This New Moon is exactly what I needed to get my mojo back and working in the highest vibe and gear I can.

If you are into the “woo”, a fan of working hard, feeling good, doing better, today’s show is for you.

PS My book officially hit the Barnes and Noble shelf here in San Diego, so OMFG! Pinch me! More on that, my little mini book tour and how I prepare my mind, body, and business for all thing’s full of creativity.

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