Happy Thursday! Keeping it short and sweet today!

How do you get social? Pick a few of your favorite social media platforms, local restaurants/bars or coffee shops to spend some time in this weekend.

I prefer Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and small family run businesses to hang out in!

Introduce yourself in groups, at happy hour or when in line for your coffee!

Engage when you feel comfortable and as much as you feel necessary!

Meet new friends in person and online!

Just spread some love and positive juju this week.


Because everyone needs it these days…

Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that you were the one to brighten up someone’s day?

Now that is how you get social!

Until tomorrow…


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What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic used throughout the world on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What is a hashtag used for?

To explain this to you the simplest way possible they are like their own mini search engine that you design and/or include yourself in so that your content is recognized.

Example: I wanted to find other NMO patients like myself on Instagram so I searched #NMO #livingwithnmo #chronicillness #spoonie etc. And there my new friends magically appear. The same goes for business. Use hashtags that your customers and clients would use so that they can find YOU! For example: I am a #linkedincoach #onlinebusinesscoach #wordpresswebdesigner #podcaster etc.

I do the same when posting something health related pics on my feed so others can find me too! By doing so we are basically all incorporated into that searchable engine of that specific hashtag. Side note: You must have a public profile in order to appear! So do that now if you would like to be #found.

Many friends and clients who run a business ask me the same thing all the time!

What hashtags should I use?

My simple answer is always make a list! You are allowed 30 hashtags. In your Instagram Stories you are allowed 11. If you know me well enough by now I have a list for #everything. EVERYTHING! Do this in the “notes” section on your phone so it can then become a simple copy/paste to save you time!

Here is a little tip: Shrink the size of your hashtags and place your text over them so your IG story looks a lot cleaner. Also, place your hashtags for your post in the comments so that when you share your IG pic thee are not a million hashtags on the actual post that just showed up on Facebook or LinkedIn! If you have a question about this just leave it in the comments below so I can answer for you 🙂

By the way…Don’t be surprised if this researching takes a few hours. That is normal! This is all part of your marketing plan so time must be spent on it! It will all be worth it in the end. Promise…

To see the formula I use on my feed and how I post just hashtags in the comment section you check out my Instagram feed here…

If you want a client/customer? You have to think like one. What would they be typing? What hashtags are they using to find who or what they want? Use those words.

However, make it unique! Make it #STANDOUT!

YOU have to be able to #shinebright among the crowd. Especially when it comes to direct sales and marketing. There are hundreds and thousands of you trying to sell the same exact thing!

How are you going to stand out (besides amazing pics/graphics of course)? Do you want to start your own tribe and trend? My suggestion and answer to that is YES YOU DO! What you also want to do is create your own hashtag. Use the position you are in for a reason and create a movement. And this goes for any position out there!

Business Example: If I was someone looking for a jet to charter either to and from Las Vegas I would look under #lasvegasjets and there you would come across brokers and jets to choose from. I mean can it be any easier?

If you were interested in finding a specific type of business coach you would look under #businesscoach #linkedincoach #smallbusinesscoach #socialmediacoach. See the trend. It goes both ways. When you are trying to find something or someone that’s how you do it.

The best part about having an Instagram business account is that your followers can contact you right there and BOOM that could be an instant sale! Just from using the proper hashtag.

Can you even believe this is the day and age we live in now? It’s insane right?

Advice: Be very specific with your hashtags. Create them for an audience. Make them unique enough but specific for someone to want to engage with you not just like your pretty picture. Tell your story, introduce your self, create a conversation that others will want to engage with you.

Engagement: The whole point of using a hashtag is to honestly help you get seen and help create a conversation. You have to want to engage with your audience. Create those relationships. It can be for fun or for work. Either way just engage. Otherwise, why bother using a hashtag. I’m giving you this platform to share so definitely take advantage of it! Who knows? You may have made a new friend by the end of the day. #hashtags can do crazy things! Those stories will be for another time! #lol

Personal Use: #hashtags are a great idea for moms that want a simple search engine to find a pic they posted three years ago. Instead of scrolling through their feed for an hour they can simply look under their hashtag they have personally created. Sooo much easier right?

If you are a big traveler create a hashtag for each trip. There are so many apps out there right now that using those hashtags will then allow you to create a book using all those pics. You can literally design a book from an app in minutes. Great gift idea too!

Now for some #Hashtag humor…

I mean who doesn’t need a little Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in their life?

Or maybe you are a Jonah Hill fan?




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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

How many of you have heard of vision boards? Or maybe even happiness boards? They have been around for so many years. I feel like the wave of talking about them comes and goes. And I see it trending everywhere right now! Hence, why I wanted to write about it and because I LOVE creating them obviously…

As a born creative of course I have one. I actually have two and once had three. That was just too much I know. I’ll admit it. Once I get into my creative zone I just cannot stop FOR REAL!

Just the other day one of my friends text me asking how to create one? We used to live together so clearly she remembered my wall of cork boards and so I think this is why she called.

My answer was that you need to think and visualize what you want and/or where you see yourself going. In your personal life and career. I am a HUGE fan of putting your thoughts into the universe and creating these boards is one very fun and entertaining way of doing do.

I actually see a lot of work shops for vision boards trending all over the world in fact. Celebrating with some bubbly and creating a special space for others to create together is genius. I think I actually need to be a part of these one day.

When you are creating a personal vision and/or happiness board you can put pictures (from magazines, newspapers, print outs) of where you would like to travel, your favorite quotes, a cocktail napkin from a bar you once celebrated at etc.

As far as your board type goes I personally prefer cork boards but white boards patterned quilt and a section of a wall. It honestly depends on your style…

Your boards can consist of fun items you collect in your travels and sometimes on the street. No joke! I have a very large screw that ended up in my tire rushing to the Golden Globes from a few years ago. Random but it reminds me of that crazy day of running from room to room doing makeup for my clients.

So that infamous screw is there to remind me of that accomplishment and also the not so happy part where I just got screwed! Get it!

My happiness board has fortune cookie messages (because I’ve been collecting them for years), ads from magazines that I just love. I mean some of these I have now framed because I just love them so much! And they are years old, so we can now call them vintage I guess! lol

Blue Lagoon in Iceland (that’s a bucket list trip of mine) my favorite quotes and mantras are absolutely on one of my boards.

When I get into a funk or need to switch things up I redo them. This is why I love using push pins. It’s easy to make changes without ruining your project you’ve spent hours working on. When it comes to my “work” boards I change them every first of the month!

It is so good to refresh your goals and plans. It’s called life and sh*t happens whether or not you are prepared for it. Your life can change in a second. Just look at mine for example. Insane, scary and absolutely annoying at times but honestly looking at work I have created on these boards continues to keep me inspired  and motivated in all aspects; business and personal.

If you are enjoying my How To Series please feel free to share along with anyone who you think could benefit from my writing everyday this month!

Until tomorrow…


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Do you prepare your content, product or pitch ahead of time? How far out do you plan?

One year, Six months, three months, maybe even a few weeks.

These are questions you must know the answers to and follow through with if you want to run a successful business.

There are four things that you absolutely must need in order to this this correctly. A 12 month calendar, editorial or school holiday calendar, a calculator and Excel to track your numbers. Or another program if you prefer.

If you are using Social Media to enhance and advertise your brand message then you should absolutely have a content and/or editorial calendar for the topics you plan on posting throughout the week.

You always want to stay ahead of the game. You want to take advantage of popular used hashtags in order to gain visibility to your pages. I am not saying this do this all the time I am simply saying it is something you should really take a look at. If it makes the most sense as to what service or product your brand provides then by all means go for it!

If you have not hopped on the social media train yet no worries. This still applies to you. You want to grab a calendar and of course your computer and look at holidays, important business days and trending people or places. Research everything you can under this topic to see how you can use those days to help promote your business.

Advertisements and products are always designed and paid for months and sometimes years in advance so if this is your route then you probably already have a strategy in place. If you don’t then I think you may really need my help! I can absolutely help you put together the best plan of action and point you in the right direction which would be more sales in your business. However, I hope this part is already taken care of 🙂

If not, please feel free to check out The Happy Workaholic Network here!

I challenge you to create your next two months today as well as get to planning 2018. Pencil in the days you want to get more customers, guests or clients. How are you going to get them? What sales tactics will you choose to use? Print ads, flyers, direct marketing, social media posts, paid influencers?

I know. I know. So many questions but you will have to have answers for them in order to achieve the success that you deserve and have worked so hard for! Trust me when I say I have been there and done that many times!

Plan ahead and I promise your sales will see an increase. A boost in confidence and a hell of a lot less stress. Just sayn’…

What is one project you have prepped for that is coming up? Are you ready for 2018?

How long have you been working on it?

What is a puzzle piece that you are missing right now?

Let me know…

I’m always full of ideas and as you are fully aware love to help others build their brand.

Have a question? Comment below so I can answer…

Until tomorrow…


PS Did I mention you should plan ahead? Ok. You’re listening. Just wanted to double check! Now get to it. Times a tickn’…

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Hello and welcome to week two of my How To Series. This week is all about Business. And today’s topic I would like to discuss is Manners. Please and Thank You’s is a very important subject so let’s dive right in…

It does not matter if you are working digitally or in person with people every day.

Please please please use your manners.

Please, Thank You, Your Welcome. No Thank You. My pleasure. I’m not interested.

This all matters!

Are you with me?

Proper spelling of names, texts and voicemails are definitely included when it comes to manners. If you are texting make sure a happy tone is felt through the text. Not the bad mood you may happen to be in at the moment. However, make sure a text is the proper way to connect. I would prefer an introductory email then if the situation feels right move to text. This in my opinion is the right way of contact. However, every situation differs.

I know we’ve all received an email or text with “that tone”! Wasn’t it awful? Absolutely! So please do not be the person on the other end sending them because they are awful to read when you are the one in a happy mood. No one needs a Debby Downer especially when it comes to your business.

Have you ever had multiple that feels like hundreds of emails go back and forth with a client/customer? With my experience those emails are usually regarding the budget or creative. Did you then loose the deal? I have definitely been there a few times. You put in all of this hard work and then nothing!

I am telling you this is a good thing and it is all ok. Each deal lost will in turn create the possibility and opportunity for a better one. I am telling you the honest truth. However, it was hard to take the first few times. I am not going to sugar coat it!

We live in a crazy crazy world right now so let’s just be happy and kind towards one another. Speaking of HAPPY! Check out what I posted on my Instagram Stories this morning. 

First impressions are everything and keep in fact the six degrees of separation. In Vegas it is more like one or two. Everyone is connected here! And so is everyone in the digital world. Make sure to always leave a lasting impression. You never know where you or that contact will end up next.

If you make a mistake just admit it and honestly is always the best policy. If you lose that deal always thank them for their time and that you look forward to seeing or hearing from them soon.

Lastly, once your emails have led to that Zoom video call or an in person meeting always ALWAYS introduce yourself by your first and last name. It’s sooo much more professional and proper. It’s never “Hey! I’m Kelly” it’s “Such a pleasure to finally meet you. I am Kelly Ann Gorman”. See that? Sounds much better.

Question! Have you ever been in an uncomfortable position where someone did not use their manners? Have they spammed your inbox? Did they still harass after you politely declined?

Sharing is Caring. “Please” leave your story in the comments below and Iet’s talk about it.

Until tomorrow…


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How To Stay Organized was one of my first blog posts in 2017. I received so much great feedback I wanted to share those very well thought out tips with you again to kick off my How To Series this November. A lot of us are already prepping for 2018 so to look back at these ideas and cross them off your list is a great idea. I say this as I am doing this right now!

Every day throughout the month of November I will be sharing all of my knowledge and expertise with you here on my blog, my Medium page and in the Just For Us Community. Thirty-One topics which I have categorized under five different subjects. How to be and stay organized, business tips, beauty tricks, travel planning as well as health and wellness knowledge.

Below are the specified weeks and as I said new posts will be up every day each week! By the way, if you have a friend you would like to share this info with please do. And add them to the Just For Us Community Private Facebook Group here. Sharing is Caring and that is my personal goal this November. Share. Share. Share…

Week One: November 1-4: Get Organized

Week Two: November 5-11: Business

Week Three: November 12-18: Beauty

Week Four: November 19-25: Travel

Week Five: November 26-30: Health and Wellness

If you don’t have time to read each day I will be sending links in my weekly newsletter which you can sign up for right here.

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and thrilled to be able to share with you now!

Below are a few tasks that I have completed in my personal life, my office area as well as online and on my devices. I have done this quarterly throughout 2017 to keep me on my toes and will continue through 2018. So don’t stress about getting it all done at once. Just start! Light your favorite candle, put on your favorite music and get this organizing party started today!


Shredded $15 worth of unneeded paperwork, notebooks and tax info from years past. Not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. I was shredding docs from 1998. Really?

Created a new Vision Board for 2017. I change these monthly. If you want to check the one I completed today check out my IG Stories right here. I’ll be doing the same in 2018. I am a very visual person so if I have something to look at every day it helps me stay focused. I have post-its on a cork board and goals I want to reach. I even have my favorite fortunes from cookies. Yes I collect them! 

Got rid of battery packs, chargers and electronics that were no longer working. Really not sure why I had a freezer bag full of these. Set up an EBay store and sell them if they do work!

Organized folders, office supplies and paperwork. Labels, sharpies decorative boxes, glass jars or vases and paperclips are best for this. I just cleaned out a storage unit so this took the longest but felt so good when I finished.

Created a special space for all of my journals. These are my pride and joy. 

Put together a 12 month plan/calendar so I can see everyday what I need to be working towards and to stay ahead of the game. I have always focused on a month at a time. This year I wanted to map out my year and focus on quarterly goals. So far it’s working out for me.

Put away all my old planners and set up my new one for 2017. I’ve just started this project for 2018. For some reason I still cannot part with a few of these but at least they are all in one place now. My new planner however is amazing and I am obsessed with it! The best part is that my best friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I am extremely picky with my planners and she bought the exact style I love and it has anchors all over it. Love that touch of style as I am originally from RI so the anchor holds a close place to my heart. I’m always posting it on my Instagram. That’s how much I LOVE it! Side note. I just read there are only 5 more Fridays until Christmas 2017 which is insane. I am so not ready for the holidays just yet…

Set up a work schedule for myself so that I do not feel overwhelmed with my workload. I am one to stay on my computer for 12-14 hours at a time which is awful. I know I can’t do that anymore so I have set up times to be on, then research then back on then prep meals, work out etc.


Donated two suitcases worth of clothes, shoes, and misc items to Goodwill. I know I have more this is just the beginning. I also have a collection of medicine bottles growing to donate to a country who recycles them. I just found out about this charity. I wish I knew about it in May. I would have 100 bottles by now. Update. That charity no longer exists but #capsforwheels does so I will be donating them thee as well as plastic water bottle caps.

Created a new Happiness Board for 2017. I like to have a cork board for work and a cork board for ME! This includes quotes, pictures, just anything that puts a smile on my face ? I also update this monthly.

Add a new thought for my Happiness Jar daily. I created this in December and have been putting a new thought in every day. When you are having a tough day just or at the end of the year you pull out your thoughts and read them. 

Journal every single morning. I’ve been doing this since July 2014. These journal entries have now become part of The Happy Workaholic Podcast. You can listen to the latest show right here…

Trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and intake less meat products weekly. I can absolutely see the changes in my body when eating this way. I know it is best for my health so trying my best to stick with it. I just incorporated Bulletproof Coffee this week and I feel a difference just after having two cups. It is crazy!

Walk at much as I can throughout the week. I’ve gone the past two days in a row. I am so sore right now but on a mission to get back out there today. I tune up my music and power walk for about 3-4 miles. Trying to do 5X this week. Wish me luck…

Meditate daily. Even if for only ten minutes. I go through phases with this. Going to get back on track this week.


Completed a re-brand of

Updated every single social media page I have. It’s very important to keep your brand and message consistent all across the board. I just finished my Pinterest boards this morning. 

Unsubscribed from hundreds of emails that I no longer needed.

Deleted emails and social media accounts that I no longer used.

Created thank you messages for all my new followers in the notes section on my phone. I have thousands to thank so this message makes it so much easier to do.


Put together an Excel Spreadsheet to track all of my social media, LinkedIn and newsletter subscribers. I tally them every Monday night and at the end of the month to see which outlet is working best for me. I started doing this in a notebook a few months ago but decided an Excel sheet would be best!

Backed up all files in two different places. 10 years of digital files takes forever. Times two!

Organized desktop. I went from 20 folders to 6. Looks so clean now!

Took off all notification pop ups.

Cleaned up task bar!


Deleted apps I haven’s used in a few months.

Deleted email accounts I no longer needed on phone.

Deleted notes I did not need.

Organized photos into new albums and deleted one the one I did not use.

Organized my iBooks App.


Took off all social media and unused apps. I like to use my tablet to watch my webinars or videos while I work on my computer. I use my phone for social media and music. Three devices at once is normal right?

Well that’ it. I still have a few more to check off my list but I think I am off to a great start. I feel so much better working in my space now. Try it! And again leave me a comment below if you need some help or another tip. I would love to help you out…

PS For behind the scenes look at my ‘how to’s” follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, positive and productive day!




Everyone has their own individual way of working. Whether it is planning out their day or month in advance or a fly by the minute add to my calendar deal. We eventually find out which way works the best for us and make magic happen! You know the feeling when that little light turns on!

FYI! It’s always trial and error so don’t let this stress you out. And you can always decide to change down the road and that is also absolutely OK. By the way I just wrote about this on LinkedIn. You can read all about it here! 

Which ever method you choose be sure it is going to help you succeed in both your business and your personal life! Because it is all about the BALANCE right?

Today I wanted to share a few of my daily strategies (rituals) I have been using that have really helped me grow over the last six months. If you follow me on my Instagram and Stories (@kkinvegas) then you have most likely seen these already. If not, you can follow me here as I am always posting…

Below are what I like to call my Smart Strategies. I do them daily. I am definitely a planner so if you are not this way just take some notes and find a version that works best for you! And let me know what you think in the comments below…

Smart Strategies To Succeed

  • Make a daily deposit in my Happiness Jar. I write down something that has made me happy and place in a pretty purple glass vase that I have dedicated for this since 1-1-17. It’s never too late to start so get to it! The best part about this is when you are having “one of those days” you pull out a note from the Happiness Jar and boom instant gratitude and happiness are back in your life! No more sad face.
  • Journal. I journal every single day. I have for years. There is just something so calming about getting your thoughts down on a piece of paper. Release those thoughts and stress and write that sh*t down!
  • Meditate. I go back and forth between apps I have on my phone but Insight Timer usually wins most days. I always do a morning meditation and if I need it another one in the afternoon I take a break and relax. If I have trouble sleeping I do a Hypnosis version at night! Other apps I love are Calm, Sleep Well, End Anxiety, Relax Melodies and Sleep Pillow.
  • I drink lots of water throughout the day with my Lemon doTERRA Essential Oil in it! So cool and refreshing! And at night before I go to bed I spray my linens with the Lavender Oil! And if you really want to know I shower with the Melaleuca in a spray bottle. You know like I’m at a Spa! It’s the little things. And don’t knock it until you try it! It really is amazing…
  • Lately I have been trying to juice every day. On the days I don’t I really can see a difference so I am definitely getting back on track with that September 1st! That goes for short walks too. Having Chemo every week this month kind of killed that dream but I am planning to start my walks again next week.
  • Plan my week ahead. I LIVE by my planner, notepads and highlighters. They keep me the most organized. I swear I would die without them. Every Sunday I dedicate a few hours to prepping for my week ahead. Projects I am working on, appointments I have scheduled, calls I need to make, bills I need to pay, social media posts and content scheduled and everything in between. Try this. You will really love waking up on Mondays knowing that you’re all prepped and ready to go!
  • On the first of every month is when I update all of my social media, website and podcast stats in my Excel sheets that I’ve created in my computer. I also prep for the month. What type of content I want to write about, my schedule, events, etc.
  • On the first of the month is also when I redesign all of my cork boards I have. One for my mantras and inspirational quotes for the month. One for The Happy Workaholic Podcast and another one for all of the projects lined up for the month. You’ve probably seen these on my Instagram Stories. 
  • One more thing I do while I am in design mode with my cork boards is I back up all my work on my laptop from the previous month to my Dropbox and External Hard Drive. This is a must!
  • I feel like I am always talking about prepping and planning but it is honestly the best thing that you can do in order to succeed. In business and your personal life! If you make a meal plan and prep your meals you will end up eating healthier and have more time to spare for anything else. For example a workout! See..Success! As far as business goes if you follow my little list above it will also allow you more time to do what you love! Plan and schedule your blog posts and social media one week in advance and you will have so much more time for yourself or possibly a new project you’ve been wanting to start! Boom…Another success in the books for you!

I would love to know what you thought of today’s post. And if you have any strategies in place that you would like to share that have worked for you. Let me know in the comments.

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I don’t know about you but I am so ready for the Fall like weather, aka “sweater weather” as I like to call it and of course everything Pumpkin Spice! I mean EVERYTHING!

It’s been a little bit over a year that I have been dealing with some serious health issues but that my friends cannot and will not stop me in what I want or have plans to do in the future.

If anything; going through 12 months of being chronically ill and now getting chemo every week has taught me what to hold on to, what to let go of and what to fight like hell for!

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Talk soon,