Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Since launching this new website and blog I’ve noticed I have quite a few new followers, which I am so excited about may I just say. I want to start off with a simple thank you. Thank you for the follows, the likes, the messages and the subscribes. Speaking of subscribes…the first newsletter of 2017 went out today. Felt so good to hit send on that after taking a month off!

So for all the new visitors to my site I want to introduce myself to you. I have posted my bio for you below so you can really get an understanding of who I am, why I am here and what got me here. I would love to learn more about each and every one of you so please leave me a comment or reach out to me via email or social media.

Wishing you a wonderful evening and I’ll see you back here on Friday.


Meet Kelly

At an early age it was clear to people around Kelly that she was destined for a career using her outgoing personality and creativity.

With a true passion for color she started off painting which led to photography and then blossomed into a love of makeup artistry and design.

Since starting her makeup career, Kelly has traveled to the most exotic and remote locations in the world, whether on a cruise ship giving seminars to cooking, cleaning, wining and dining on board private yachts and jets working with the elite.

From folding napkins to curling lashes Kelly has seen it, done it and strives to do more. After years of working for corporate America, Kelly realized something was always standing in the way of her true connection to the client. That something was the corporations. She realized that a personal relationship was needed, a direct connection to Kelly!

After living in ten cities over the last ten years Kelly takes a more personal approach to things as she continuously uses her expertise and knowledge to grow and expand her Luxury Lifestyle Brands, Business Coaching, Beauty and Consulting Services. Kelly has been residing in Las Vegas since 2012.

Recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Kelly brings her passion, work ethic, knowledge and heart to the Rock Against MS Foundation while serving as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors.


Happy Monday! It is a very exciting day for me! Today I get to officially launch my brand new upgraded website. New year, new me, new brand. Me! It honestly took everything in my power for me to stick to my design schedule I set for myself. There were a couple hiccups but I made it through. So for that I am enjoying an extra large iced coffee right now! Who’s with me on the caffeine?

Starting off the new year on time feels fantastic. I am feeling a little bit proud right now I must say. Hard work definitely pays off! I’ve always been extremely organized however this year I am running my business a little bit differently. A lot lighter and leaner (I’ll explain later). This allows me to start a lot of projects from scratch. And I have all the calendars, planners, post-its, folders and notebooks to prove it! I’ll be sharing those with you later this month…

I would love for you to look around the new site and let me know what you think. And if you want you can read my AMBITIOUS post from yesterday which explains why you would want to come back and what I have in store for this year!

A lot more content and a lot more laughs. I can promise you that! Aghhh…Change feels so good. Have you made any changes recently let me know in the comments below…

Whether you are answering hundreds of emails at a desk or still tucked away in bed just know that I’m sending some warm wishes to you for a successful new year!


PS Don’t forget to subscribe for updates and I’ll see you soon…


“You need to understand that life isn’t what you’re given, it’s what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.”

Ambitious. adjective. Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

I wish I knew who owned the words mentioned above because I would like to give them credit for it. I came across the quote this morning and have been reading it over and over again. It just really resonates with me and “my” life as of right now.

Ambitious is a word that I am loving right now. A word that truly describes my personality. A word that will also determine my 2017. It is amazing once you have set a clear vision and path for yourself what power one little word can have. I challenge you to find a word that will describe your 2017. Trust me. It’s quite tough but I promise you worth it to have one…

So you may have noticed you are on a new site! Surprise and welcome! I am thrilled you are here and hope you come back often. I’ll be doing the “official’ launch tomorrow!

I spent a lot of time off my computer in December so that I could be in full creative mode. I needed a space to figure out where I wanted to be personally and professionally in 2017. At the end of the day and after the countless brainstorming sessions I had with myself…They all led me back here! Online.

I want to be online. I want to network and be visible and meet other entrepreneurs. I want to help other businesses succeed and support their goals. I also want to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone and vice versa. And here is where you will find all of that!

I have had to close a few doors in order for this new one to open. I shed many tears when doing so but know that there is a reason for this. And I can officially say I am now ok with it all!

There a lot of “I”s here but honestly it is more for you than for me. If you know anything about me or my careers in the past, you know they have not been the norm. I mean how do you explain to someone that you worked on over 50 yachts and cruise ships doing makeup or fluffing pillows and then flying around the country. That being said all of these crazy career choices have led me to where I really want to be and that is here with you reading this!

My brand is now myself and I feel like the more open and honest I am on my posts, the better understanding you will have about why you would want to come back to my site every day.

Here are a few reasons why…

  1. I will be blogging every day Monday through Friday. Tuesday and Thursday posts can be found on my LinkedIn page. Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be right here.
  2. When you subscribe to my site you will receive my weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox every Wednesday! Filled with exclusives, news and giveaways that you will get to hear about first!
  3. If you are looking for anything luxury travel or Las Vegas experience related those questions can absolutely be answered here. Planning itineraries is one of my favorite tasks to do!
  4. You will see some partnerships here with brands I love you may or may not be aware of. Posting this info will allow me to share something else with you.
  5. Building brand awareness and businesses, social media and LinkedIn is honestly one of my favorite things to do online for my clients. Turning a dream or vision into a reality for someone is such an adrenaline rush for me. This is why I know I am doing something right!
  6. Over the last six months I have gone through a lot of health issues which has led me to this “lifestyle” blog. I wanted a platform that could help me get the word out on delicious recipes that need sharing, a new business or inspirational book, a motivational quote I cannot stop reading. Any and everything that needs to be out there in the universe. Connecting people with products or passions make my heart smile. Seriously! It does. OK now I’m getting emotional. Hey it’s a New Year! It’s allowed.

So there it is. My first post of 2017. My favorite quote, my 2017 word and 6 reasons why you should come back and visit! (insert wink).

Wishing you a happy, healthy, positive and productive 2017!



PS Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you soon…