In this episode of The Happy Workaholic Podcast I am sharing my recent relapse story with you and how it ended up getting me admitted into the hospital. So much for a sprained wrist…

Once I was discharged I had a few days to think hard about a lot of things in my life. Where I am now and what else I want to become and when etc.

One of the main reasons I started this podcast is to raise awareness with this disease as well as help others who need that extra push to fight.

I also wanted to use this platform to share more business knowledge with you. All my tips and tricks when it comes to building your own brand.

After days of brainstorming I knew I wanted to grow this podcast community and make it bigger and better for my listeners. I wanted to create something to involve everyone even more and on a more personal level.

That something I just finished creating for you is The Happy Workaholic Podcast Patreon Community.

As I mentioned in the show my Patreon Community is now here. To learn more about becoming a member visit patreon.com/thehappyworkaholic

I cannot wait to share even more with you next week…

Don’t forget only a few more episodes until the I Chose This Life Series launches!

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Talk soon…

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