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This weekend was full of decluttering, reorganizing, brain dumping and recharging. I finally took the advice I am always giving to everyone else…

I took a break!

Take a moment or a weekend to do what makes you happy. Do what will help you have the most productive day or week. Take a bubble bath, read a book, clear your head with some meditation.

Reclaim that energy you are missing!

For me that meant no social media, lots of deep breathes, binging reality tv and taking walks outside. Just that little bit of sunshine does wonders!

I’m not sure why but at the end of last week my anxiety was through the roof. Well, to be honest I think it was because I had so many doctor appointments again. It takes a toll! And unfortunately I am really good at surpressing feelings which is not recommended. Trust me. I am working on that!

This is why I needed to take a breather…

I’m trying hard to stay healthy, productive and happy! For me that is a full time job!

Having an autoimmune disease is not fun! This past week was a reminder that when I feel my body shutting down it is definitely time for a break! I know now that if I push myself I’ll end up ten times worse.

Even my doctor told me to relax! So this weekend I listened!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about some creative projects I have in the works. For me when it is time to create I cannot have anything else in the way. This is just how I produce the best work.

I did a lot of list making and will continue to work on those projects more this week!

One of them is my live cooking show that will be happening in the KK Cafe Facebook Group. If you would like to learn more about the KK Cafe click here. 

If you enjoy meeting new people, being healthy amd sharing recipes then this is definitely a group you will want to be a part of!

2018 for me is going to be about getting back on track with my health and doing what make me happy.

And it should be the same for you! If something is blocking you from being happy and achieving your goals then get rid of it. As I speak from experience. You just need to do what is best for YOU!

I truly love coaching and helping my client’s succeed. I love to create and I love to cook so stay tuned for some pretty great announcments coming your way.

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That’s all for today. A quick little message and reminder to always listen to your body, take time to relax, do what makes YOU the happiest and always practice what you preach!

What are some of your little projects that keep you happy and relaxed? Let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,


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