A weekly series featured on The Happy Workaholic Podcast.

Episodes that will showcase every day health
stories from the patient, family member and friend, the medical professional, advocates
and the healers.

In 2016 Kelly was diagnosed
with MS and in 2017 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease
called NMO. She quickly learned that becoming an advocate for your own health
and rights would be a full-time job and knew she needed to use her voice and
create a platform for others to come to, be heard and learn more.

That is when The Happy
Workaholic Podcast was born. A show focused on
Business, LinkedIn and Life with an Autoimmune Disease. Three things Kelly knew

In 2019 Kelly found out that she was misdiagnosed with both diseases. Not only did she have to change her way of every day thinking and living life she also had to create something for others to do the same! Give them a platform to share their own story.

The new and upgraded version
of The Happy Workaholic Podcast is intended to elevate your mind, upgrade your
business, enhance your life and become a part of a positive and uplifting

Inspiration, motivation, determination and a never give up attitude are what got Kelly to where she is today, and she cannot wait to share the stories of some incredible humans who will be featured on the show.

Launch date coming soon…