Everything is Messy!

A book about resilience, reality, and personal development with recipes to help you live a happy, healthy, positive and productive life.

Stories. Solutions. Mindset. Meals.

It’s time to get organized, put in the work and turn your dreams into a reality…

You are here right now because you want to get organized, you want to grow as a person, figure out your purpose in life, start the business of your dreams or up level the one you have now. You are also in the market to learn how to create some delicious new meals. Budget friendly vegan meals with no meat, dairy, gluten, sugar or bullshit. You can however always add those when you feel necessary. Without the bullshit of course because we are keeping it real here. I will have all my recipes listed for you throughout this book. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some savory sides and sweet snacks. I want you to get creative and make them your own. I want you to take the time and always come back to the book when you need it.

Listen, everyone has a story to share, and this is mine. A happy one. A healing one and a humorous one. We have all had crazy life experiences. Some of us take the lessons from them and move on, some turn it into a business, and some turn it into a purpose behind the drive to helping others.

I want to share a few quick things with you now so there is no confusion. I am not an expert; I am not a Vegan (I just eat like one most of the time) and by no way shape or form am I normal. I have never been. So why should my business or book be any different? Throughout this one-of-a-kind personal development/cookbook you will receive all the tools and ingredients you will need to do what I mentioned above. Make amazing healthy food while taking your life to that next level you deserve to be at. I am giving you all the recipes to make them a success.

I am quite sure that you can pick out one thing in life that you are trying to heal from. Throughout this book there will be chapters that will really make you think, and I am not just talking about measurements because the collection of recipes in this book have all been filed under a category I like to call common sense cooking.

I want you to be able to take everything I share with you here and implement into your world immediately. Life is short, so take the steps and do the work now.

You have got to get your thoughts and mind together before you put in the work and that is what each chapter is about.

Now a little about me so that you know where you are getting this incredible information from. Someone with a lot of experience. And I mean a lot.

Ever since I was little, I was always creating something. I remember cutting coral sponges to paint my room in pastels. I remember drawing out a floor plan to reorganize my room every other month and in my 20’s designing the floor plan for my one-day future restaurant. I have even created jobs that did not exist. Traveling the world on cruise ships, yachts and private planes to my own podcasting and luxury experience companies. When I say anything is possible, these are just a few examples.

Putting in the work is something you are going to have to get used to if you want to grow as a human. I know this because I have been doing it for years and it has gotten me to a great place today.

You've got to learn how to calm your own mind and thoughts, get scheduled, organized and create a routine that works best for you. One that you truly enjoy or this whole personal development thing you are trying to do won't work.

I believe in doing anything your little heart desires. You want more than one thing in life? You can absolutely have it! Go and chase those dreams but remember to be smart about it. Don’t listen to anyone else because their opinions don’t matter here. Again, organized, scheduled and here comes that routine again.

What to expect from this book…

Personal development, life lessons, true stories, healthy recipes and proof that anything is possible when following the right formula. A lot of my happiest times have been spent in the kitchen. A place that has helped me heal. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve also laughed and cried a number of times, usually over a failed recipe but when your friends are gathered around a good dish what could go wrong? Friendly reminder here, if you ever fail in the kitchen, laughter is always the best medicine. No stress allowed over here…

I want you to enjoy this journey. I want it to really make you think about the serious shit you have going on in your life. The goals you have and the dreams you stopped chasing. I want this book to help you level up in the kitchen and I want it to make you dream and believe again in your life. I want it to make you stop complaining, blaming others, and living in a negative mindset. That all stops today if you want any of this to work out for you.

You can, and I promise, have anything out of life, but you simply must put in the work. Use this book when you need it. Come back to it and of course share it with a friend. It is better to go through these times in life with an excellent support system, a good head on your shoulders, a sense of humor and the understanding that manifesting can change your life but it’s when you start to visualize the outcome and acting as if it’s already here that it actually happens for you.

If you have a family to worry about every day or it is only you that is okay. Even if you have a team surrounding you and you still feel alone (trust me that was me for many years). The good news is now you have me as well as the community surrounding this book. The happiness, laughter and joy will come again, if that is something you are currently searching for. I found it and now it is my purpose to show you how to get it, chase it and make everything you want to become a reality. You must be hungry! There is no halfassing allowed here.

Now let’s get this party started…


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I want to be able to send you hope and laughter now.

I wish that there was a book like this for me years ago and as always if it doesn’t exist, it is time to create.

Introducing my first book...

Everything is Messy!!!

A book about resilience, reality, and personal development with recipes to help you live a happy, healthy, positive and productive life.

Stories. Solutions. Mindset. Meals.

It’s time to get organized, put in the work and turn your dreams into a reality…


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