Affiliate Program

Kelly is a strong believer in supporting small businesses as well as creating passive income opportunities for others when investing the time and energy into something.

When Kelly first launched her podcast development program in 2017, several referrals came her way via recommendations from previous clients and friends in the online space.

After launching her private coaching experiences and LinkedIn trainings, it happened again. Kelly wanted to send something back as a thank you for the ones sharing. This is when her idea, once again became a reality, and the affiliate program was created.

Are you ready to become an affiliate for the Everything is Messy Collection? The process is super simple. Follow the directions below and start sharing on your social channels, podcast, blog, or newsletters today.

When you sign up here you will receive a discount code to share with your friends, family, and followers giving them 10% off as well as free shipping.

You will then receive 10% commission on all programs, products, and services within the Everything is Messy Collection.

This discount code works towards all the Business, LinkedIn, and Podcasting Programs as well as the Home, Kitchen, Office Decor, and Apparel. So, everything on the site!

First step is to sign up right here to join the Everything is Messy Affiliate Program.

Commission payments are sent out on the first of every month via PayPal or Venmo. Whichever you prefer.

Thank you for taking the time to share, support, build, and grow the business, brand, and community.

Welcome to the Everything is Messy Community!

Join us here!

The Everything is Messy and Kelly Ann Cares Community showcases more than 100 recipes created for the book and group, as well as how-to videos, to help you live your best life in and out of the kitchen. No stress or mess!

No meat, no dairy, no gluten, and no sugar were added to the recipes in the book. However, these ingredients can be added at any time to suite your individual taste buds.

Also, this community will be sweet and savory, with just enough spice. Because life is too short to be boring.

New content, products, services, and life hacks added weekly to help you stay organized in the kitchen and improve your cooking game. Ingredient lists, brand deals, delicious meals, lots of laughs, and a genuine good time.

From trending topics, personal stories, and podcast episodes, to branded business content and guest interviews. This community is a one stop shop for women who want it and deserve it all and ready to uplift other women at the same time.