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Meet Kelly

At an early age it was clear to people around Kelly that she was destined for a career using her outgoing personality and creativity.

With a true passion for color, she started off painting which led to photography and then blossomed into a love of makeup artistry and design.

Since starting her beauty, luxury, and service driven careers, Kelly has traveled to the most exotic and remote locations in the world, whether on a cruise ship giving seminars to thousands to wining and dining on board private yachts and jets working with the elite.

From booking charters to closing multimillion dollar deals Kelly has seen it, done it and strives to do more!

In 2016 Kelly was diagnosed with MS and in 2017 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease called NMO. She quickly learned that becoming an advocate for your own health and rights would be a full-time job and knew she needed to use her voice and create a platform for others to come to, be heard and learn more.

That is when The Happy Workaholic Podcast was born. A show focused on Business, LinkedIn, and Life with an Autoimmune Disease. Three things Kelly knew best!

Once Kelly launched her first episode she was sought out by other women in the online space, business owners, and entrepreneurs to do the same. Develop and produce inspiring and impactful shows for their own audiences that would create a global community as well as expand their brands.

In 2019 Kelly found out that she was misdiagnosed with both diseases. Not only did she have to change her way of everyday thinking and living life, but she also had to learn medical malpractice laws.

Kelly had to then represent herself in not one, but six medical malpractice legal cases as no firm (over 100) would take her case. The reasons being she was still alive, not missing a limb, or hooked up to machines.

Kelly followed all legal protocols and closed six cases in eighteen months, without going to trial, while continuously helping thousands of patients through interviews, her podcast, YouTube Channel, and multiple social media platforms. She shared her story from day one, never gave up, and continues to help others through her personal growth, productivity, business, and wellness programs.

In the middle of the pandemic Kelly put her head down and got to work. She was determined to use all her life experiences and turn them into something positive to help others. Her one-of-a-kind publication, Everything is Messy was released in the Fall of 2020. A book filled with personal development, life lessons, real solutions, budget friendly vegan recipes, and proof that anything is possible when following the right formula. The rebranding of her business, show, and life was next.

Kelly knew she was destined for something new. Something that could help more women. She knew that being delt these cards were to teach her something and allow her to grow and go down a new path of healing and wellness. A new road that others could also go down with her and experience. Once that would enhance them in all aspects of their lives.

Kelly’s current focus is to help women become the most productive versions of themselves by getting organized while serving through several programs and life experiences under the Kelly Ann Cares brand as well as her show.

The Kelly Ann Cares Podcast is a one-of-a-kind show created to motivate, stimulate, educate, and inspire you. Personally, and professionally.

Kelly is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and in this season, she is more driven and extremely passionate about her purpose. To help you save the time, money, and energy it takes to be happier and get healthier. With your mind, body, business, and life.

Tune in every week to hear raw unfiltered conversations from Kelly and her incredible guests as they discuss trending topics, share stories of resilience, and chat about all things' health, wealth, healing, and wellness.

Whether you are ready to listen, learn, or laugh Kelly promises to bring awareness and add more value to your day. Take this time to relax and recharge.

Listen, life is short. Invest in yourself. Be loud, be different, be you, and most importantly enjoy the ride.