The Happy Workaholic Podcast is a show intended to elevate your mind, upgrade your business, enhance your life and become part of a positive and uplifting community.

If you’re ready to take your business and life to that next level you deserve to be at, this is the show for you!

Over the past twenty years Kelly has worked in beauty, luxury, corporate and service driven industries. She created opportunities in these careers as well as her own businesses that allowed her to travel the world, experience once in a lifetime events and build brands while providing her expertise to clients all around the globe.

Life is short and when you’re given a second chance you better believe Kelly is going to take it, celebrate and share it with you! Inspiration, motivation, determination and a never give up attitude are what got her to where she is today.

Tune in every week to hear from Kelly, other entrepreneurs, professional patients and healers, business owners and fellow podcasters.

Kelly is here to remind you to work hard, share your story, follow your dreams and never ever give up.

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