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Leverage Your LinkedIn

Leverage Your LinkedIn is a Strategic Profile, Creative Coaching, and Audit Program. Currently available for Professionals and Corporations who are ready to Level Up in Business right now.

This personalized program includes one 60-minute video coaching call for individuals, and two 60-minute coaching calls for corporations so that you may become more productive with the platform, elevate your LinkedIn experience, gain knowledge, start networking, monetizing, and showcase your immediate results. 

Throughout our time together you will learn everything you need to know to enhance and leverage your LinkedIn immediately. We go through each section of your profile, and I give you my best tips, tricks, and strategies for you to implement when using the platform to get more eyes onto your page, podcast, and/or brand.


Perfecting your Profile

Creator Mode

Upgraded Sales and Marketing Plan

CTA's and the Art of the Follow Up

Becoming Your Brand and Standing Out

Personality is Key


Recommendations and Connections

Meetup IRL or Online Meetings

LinkedIn Algorithm

Please and Thank You’s

Small Business Tutorial

Become an Industry Expert

Publishing Platform, Newsletters, and Podcasts

Tell Your Story. Share the Journey.

It's Not about You

Building Your Digital Resume

Getting Featured

Building/Growing/Nurturing Your Network

Automation, Repurposing, and Hashtags

Research and Content Creation

Promotion and Production

Five Minute Pitching and Persuading

Getting Leads from Platform To Your Inbox

Question and Answer Period to conclude...

Individual Investment: $300.00

Corporate Investment: $750.00

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