A video series available every Monday on YouTube. Created by a patient for the patient, the friend, family, caregiver and others involved in someone's medical journey. The objective of each episode is to alleviate some stress and get you better situated when tackling life's little obstacles.

Kelly has held the title (not by choice) of "professional patient" over the past three years which truly makes her an expert. While going through her own extremely difficult medical situations since 2016, then finding out she was misdiagnosed and now learning how to heal she realized something was always missing. Nobody is helping the patient with all the logistics, so per usual she created something that would!

Tune in every week to hear a patient's positive perspecitive of all things mental, dental, medical and health related. Kelly uses her own experiences she has gone through over the years in order to help others out there looking for information on how to be more organized when it comes to taking care of yourself or someone you know. On and offline. How to be on top of your medical case(s) and all parties involved.

Kelly's mission is to be able to help as many patients as she can when it comes to getting better. Is she a Doctor? No! Is she an Attorney? No! Is she someone that has created a system that works? Yes! What Kelly can do is help prepare you for the best, worst and never expected circumstances that will always come along with anything health related. She is here to provide all the insight before the stress of it all knocks you down!

Every Monday Kelly will share her own personal tips, tricks and systems she has created and implemented into her own medical journey that have always kept her on her toes and one step ahead. Kelly will also be answering questions from viewers, so come prepared!

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