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Start Your Podcast Today!

Start Your Podcast Today is for motivated individuals who are ready to get to work and turn that idea and passion into a creative and profitable podcast.

Start Your Podcast Today is a uniquely structured program for individuals craving a show as well as current Podcasters looking for a refresh. Podcast Hosts, Managers, and Producers who are ready to take the content, marketing, and production of their show to another level to serve more listeners and attract more brands.

Whether you are still in research mode, ready to launch, looking for marketing, search engine optimization information or monetization strategies, and ready to take your ideas and show to that next level you deserve to be at, you have come to the right place. This program is divided into three parts. On demand audio, ten video lessons, and eight one-on-one coaching calls.

Are you ready to stop playing small in your business and produce some great content that lives on forever?

A podcast can get more eyes on your brand and take it to that next level you deserve to be at. It will allow you to become more visible online, drive traffic to your website, get you more clients and give you that feeling of fulfillment you've been searching for.

Are you super passionate and have an important message to share? Sometimes social media is not enough which is why a podcast is the perfect answer! Get more eyes and ears to the story with less time and more facts.

It's time to use your voice, share your message and be heard globally and on larger platforms.

A podcast can do all this for you!

Do you currently have a show and not getting the traffic you expected?

Are you in need of a new marketing plan, content creation and pitching process?

This program can instantly refresh your show and allow you to monetize it if you are willing to put in the work!

Start Your Podcast Today is for motivated individuals who are ready to get to work and turn that idea and passion into a creative and profitable podcast.

Below is a sampling of what you will learn throughout our time together.

Finding Your Voice. This is where Kelly guides you through the brainstorming process. You will find a name for your show, focus on who your audience will be and connect with the purpose of your podcast.

Content Creation. Get ready to write! There are several scripts needed for your show. An Intro, Outro, Commercials etc. This is where you truly let your listeners in. You're able to tell your story, capture an audience, share a product, and so much more.

A Sound to Match. Royalty Free Music is a must. This is where all the resources will be shared with you, and you'll be taught how to move your voice around over the music.

Social Media Integration. Upgraded social media profiles, automation, and call to actions. It all happens here.

Community and Launch Plan. Find or grow your audience for your show and learn how to have a stress free and super exciting launch.

Recording 101. How and where to start using your voice. Equipment, software, and conversion suggestions.

Organized and Scheduled. Weekly recording schedule, how to create new and attention-grabbing, SEO rich episode titles and show notes.

Hosting and Syndication. Where you upload your show is very important in the beginning. Learn which hosting platform to use and how to globally syndicate your show to more than ten podcasting platforms.

How To Pitch. Media Kits can be extremely overwhelming to create. Step by step processes shared to allow you to pitch professionally and within minutes from your phone.

No Rules in Podcasting. Putting together a show is a very creative, yet technical process. To have the most productive, seamless, and enjoyable journey here come prepared and get ready to take those notes! Kelly will share all her favorite tips and tricks with you that will help you succeed. It is then up to you to create your own rules!

Getting Listeners. This call will go over marketing strategies, monetization, and SEO implementation for your episodes so that you can create the best show possible!

Additional Topics

WordPress Website and Blubrry Hosting 

Global Syndication of Show

Branding Message and Design

Profitable Podcast and Affiliate Marketing

How To Pitch Sponsors

Media Kit Lesson

Social Media and SEO Coaching Session

Recording Made Easy. Step by Step Instructions for Show and Commercials

How To Produce. Full Course on the Production of Show, Commercials, and Individual Episodes

Content Creation Coaching for Intro and Outro Scripts, Podcast Description and Show Notes

Social Media Automation and Repurposing Lesson

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