In this episode I talk about why thank you’s are so important in business and of course your every day life! I also share a story on how my thank you card saved my eBay fail I had a few weeks ago! Service is everything and something I strive to be the best at every single day.

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Episode 12: How To Sell On Ebay

In this Episode I share a few of my tips, suggestions and facts I’ve recently learned on how to open an ebay store. As I finally got myself organized and opened mine this weekend!

Side Note: I’ve been wanting to do this for years and you can now find my store at “luxurygoodsfromkelly” right here...

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Permission To Hustle is a Facebook Group also created by Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney. If you feel as though you are a woman on a mission, want to be that woman and/or surround yourself with like minded professionals, this my friends is a must join group! I have met so many inspirational and motivational women since becoming a member. It’s a place I now visit daily. Everyone’s “hustle” is so different but we all have one common bond. It’s fantastic!

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