Happy Monday Friends!

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on my site and I am here to tell you why…

I have been spending a lot of time (offline) creating content for some new coaching programs as well as working with my current clients and simply learning how to enjoy life! Getting outside, journaling, meditating and creating healthy recipes are some of my favorite ways to keep myself in check!

Living with NMO (my Autoimmune Disease) can sometimes get the best of me! Especially when I have a full month of doctor appointments. However, I am a fighter so I will never give up on what I am trying to accomplish. It may take me a little longer and I may have to become extra extra creative in the process now but I can still get sh*t done!

I’ve learned that I am my best when I focus on one thing at a time. Especially when it comes to creating something BIG! So I have had to take a little break from the internet. As much as I love Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. In order to better myself and take on more clients and projects I have to remain in a positive and distraction free mindset so I have to unplug more than usual.

Today I am happy to say that many of my projects I have been working on are now complete and I would love to share them with you below!

New episodes are live on The Happy Workaholic Podcast!

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My Pinterest has been upgraded!

My Boards are all about Business, LinkedIn, Travel, Podcasting, Design and Decor, Health and Wellness, Recipes, Healthy Living and so so much more that I love!

Check it out! It’s super organized! I’m so proud to finally check that big project off my to-do list!

New blog up on LinkedIn about my new networking group (see below)!

I created a brand new group on LinkedIn called The Happy Workaholic Network!

The Happy Workaholic Network is for Business Professionals to share their story and what they have to offer. Networking is key when running a business and this group is just the place to do so. 

Once a member of the group please feel free to post a litle bit about yourself. Unlike a lot of other LinkedIn groups you may absolutely post a promo, sale or job you are trying to fill.

If you are looking for a job let everyone in the group know.

You never know who your next contact could be…

New story is up on Medium about what makes you happy!

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How do I start a show?

Who will listen?

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How can I promote to get listeners?

Is there a big investment involved?

Do I need specific software?

How do I design graphics?

Where do I publish my show?

How much time will it take to start a podcast?

If you have recenty asked any of the questions above then The Podcast Project (two hour live) Group Coaching (power session) is for you!

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Class One is to learn the basics. Class Two is an advanced class. Have a question? Contact Kelly here…

Space is limited. Only ten guests permitted per class to ensure results. 

And coming soon…Instagram Updates!

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If you made it this far! Thank you so much! I know that was suuuuper long.

I would love to know what keeps you motivated, focused and inspired?

Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


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In this Episode I discuss why I needed to take a break from social media as well as my fear of letting go of a few things and what I am currently working on for the future.

Heads Up! There are some tears in this one! I couldn’t help it! And I don’t believe in editing so I hope you don’t mind!

Let me know what you think of today’s show in The Happy Workaholic Podcast Facebook Group! That’s where I’ll be to answer any questions that you may have!

Talk soon, Kelly

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Between everything Mother Nature has handed the world lately and the 16th anniversary of 9/11 today, I feel that I should try my best to spread some extra happiness into the world this week. That being said I started off with a cute pic on my Instagram this morning and now I would like to share my Happiness Vase morning ritual with you.

What is a Happiness Vase you ask???

Well a majority of Creatives and/or Pinners (someone who loves Pinterest) have a Happiness Jar. As a collector of Vases I like to make the most use out of them therefore making my “Jar” a bit fancy! I mean why not? If you follow my Instagram Stories then you know exactly what I am talking about as I post my Happiness Vase many times throughout the week as it is part of my AM routine.

Last week on The Happy Workaholic Podcast I decided to share my story about how I struggle with depression. It is something that has become more frequent since being diagnosed with my NMO Disease and I thought the only way to help others is to share my story so I did and haven’t looked back! As scary as it may be…

Every morning when I wake up I choose happiness. However, sometimes that changes and not by choice. It is just something that I am living with these days. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to fight it or try everything in my power to stay as positive as possible and strong for myself! For those of you who have ever experienced feelings like this then you know what I am talking about. If not, I explain it more on my recent podcast which you can listen to right here!

My morning tasks are the same every day. Make my bed, drink iced coffee, drink lemon water, fresh juice, make a deposit into my Happiness Vase, meditate, journal, prepare for the day etc. etc. I have always been a very scheduled person so this is a piece of cake for me. If you are not as scheduled and don’t have a routine I recommend trying it out as it is just one little thing that can bring a smile to your face. At least it does for me 🙂

Just do what works best for YOU! No need to worry about anyone else!

As discussed earlier I mentioned my Happiness Vase. Most start a project like this for the New Year! However, like the title of this blog post IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHOOSE HAPPINESS! So why not start now?

If you would like to get started on this happiness project today I have listed all of the steps for you below…

-Find a Jar, Vase or Box of some kind that you would like to use to create your little piece of happiness.

-Every day think of something that has made you happy.

-Write it down on a piece of paper.

-Make a deposit (your piece of paper) into your Happiness Jar daily.

-Read the messages you’ve previously deposited into the jar when life gets tough. This is sure to put a smile on your face 🙂

-On 12/31/17 empty it to see what incredible stuff came into your life in 2017.

-Save pieces of paper somewhere special.

-Start fresh on 1/1/18.

-Most importantly, be you and have fun!

And that is it my friends…

What do you do to create your own happiness? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and be sure to spread a little extra kindness and happiness into the world this month. Because we ALL need it!



How many times have you heard this? I know for me I am constantly telling/reminding myself this…

Before you forget write this down. Before you forget call this person. Before you forget put this in notes. Etc. etc.

If you follow me on any of my social media pages you may have noticed that I have been silent over the last week and I am here to fill you all in before “I” forget. PS Forgetting is becoming a fun part of the lovely little disease I have called NMO so thank god for “notes” on my iPhone. I could not survive without that! Or my wall and cork boards full of post-it notes of course!

Here is what I posted on Instagram yesterday…

I have been waiting to hear about my next NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica) Treatment so for my own sanity I chose to stay silent until everything was confirmed. That by the way is so hard considering almost everything I do is online! I also needed time to decide if I would share. Today I made the decision that I WILL share because I know it will keep me stronger knowing that I am able to help just one other person by being vocal and sharing my own personal journey. I started the Just For Us Community on Facebook to help as many as I can and create a positive community for anyone going through anything health related as well as heartache or just in need of some happiness! So my goal is to stay strong for everyone as well as myself when I post in the group!

So here are the deets of my next adventure…

The treatment for my NMO Autoimmune Disease will be a Chemo. As of today it will start next week and once a week for the next four weeks. And after that once a month for maintenance. And I also get to have a port installed in my body! Fun times! Obviously, this could all change depending on how my body reacts.

I will be sharing my updates on all the below pages so please feel free to click those links to follow if you are in need of some daily inspo, laughter or just want to come along for the ride. As “they” say, laughter is the best medicine. And that is one I will surely take as there are no side affects for once! lol.

Blog (which you are reading now)

The Happy Workaholic Podcast

IG Stories

Just For Us Community Facebook Group

I want to be (and stay) strong for anyone else that may be going through this or may have to in the future. So that’s the short version. I hope I can continue to keep you motivated in your own journey whether personal or professional by sharing my own set of stories that is up next. And prove that there is always hope and healing ahead…

If you want to know who or what keeps me in check you can check out my IG Stories posted earlier today.

I’ve been up since 5am! New Month. New Goals right?

One more thing before you forget…

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with the right mindset and positive attitude.

One more thing before “I” forget…

To make the I Chose This Life Series THE BEST I changed the launch date to Wednesday 9-6-17 which you can read about right here…

Why did I do this? To be 100% honest I am a perfectionist. And I have no idea how I am going to react to this month of chemo or how my voice will sound, so to push it back made the best sense for everyone involved. My Lady Bosses I’m interviewing as well as my listeners!

As always thanks for reading and sharing…

Until next time…



Every now and then you will see a post on LinkedIn that you know belongs on Facebook’s feed. Am I right? And you have also seen those posts from LinkedIn members asking why selfies are here on a “business” platform. It just doesn’t make sense when you are networking. This I agree with…

However, I will admit I have my Instagram account connected to my Facebook Page which then posts to LinkedIn. Why do I do that you ask? Well I know it doesn’t make much sense for many brands but it does for mine. The reason for that is because I AM MY BRAND. I want my LinkedIn connections to know about and visit my Facebook and Instagram and see a more personal side of me. It also builds more of a trust with my audience especially when I am pitching or coaching and growing my clientele. It shows I am real and also love to cook! lol

Not everyone will agree with this technique but it is what works for ME! When I coach clients and help build their brand some of them ask me if they should do what I am doing. And to be honest, most of the time I say NO! The reason behind that is because it just doesn’t make sense for their brand. You have to do what makes the most sense when building your business and not follow a trend etc. Everyone is different and this is what I do when I work with clients. I create and customize a very specific outline for them to follow which in the end will bring them more sales. And that is what we all want right? If you want to learn more about my Business Coaching feel free to contact me here…

Now…The reason why I am getting REALLY PERSONAL on LinkedIn lately is because I have an extremely rare autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO). And long story short I started posting LIVE videos on Facebook to bring awareness to it as soon as I found out. After a few videos, thousands of views and hundreds of messages I realized that what I needed to do was bigger. I needed to create some sort of platform for others to share their voice to be heard too! Not just NMO patients but anyone going through any illness or heartache. I also needed this space to be available for friends and family members to visit when looking for information or answers for their loved ones.

That place I created is called the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY. You can learn everything about JFUC at

Why am I writing about this on LinkedIn? Because this is not just going to be a space on Facebook. This is going to be something bigger. And I need your help!

The JUST FOR US COMMUNITY is something that I know is needed because I have lived through some serious health issues over the last year and with my experience of going through these circumstances, staying strong and fighting I know I am able to help so many other people. Plus the feedback and messages I have already received from complete strangers around the world proves to me this is needed.

I am bringing awareness to this community for not only patients and families but doctors, hospitals, researchers, non-profits, press, foundations and many more outlets. I am putting this community together because it is something that has to be available and also because my gut is telling me I can’t stop here. It’s telling me more is needed. I always go with my gut and follow my heart so here we are today.

So this is why I am getting personal. I am telling you my story today but tomorrow it will belong to someone else. I am sharing the good, the bad and the unsettling sometimes but guess what? That is what is needed to bring awareness to some of these diseases your everyday person may be fighting whether they choose to share or not. It is the real deal!

So back to why I need your help! I would truly appreciate if you would share this post for me. I am looking for those doctors, researchers, labs, technicians, nurses and average Joe’s to help me share this community in order to help others who are in need of the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY. I want everyone out there going through something to know that there is a safe place available for them to share their feelings, tears and of course get a dose of a little laughter. As that is always the best medicine.

That’s it! All I am asking for is a simple LIKE and SHARE!

Again to learn more about the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY click here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and sharing and helping spread awareness of the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY.


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There is something I really want to share with all of my connections this week as I feel like it is something that was really needed (especially after being sick for the past year) therefore I created it…

The Just For Us Community

My blood, sweat, pain and tears over the past year have been worth it to create this for everyone!

I always say “Everything Happens For A Reason” so I guess this is my reason.

Learn about The Just For Us Community here…



***The JUST FOR US COMMUNITY was created for anyone going through a tough time in life. Health, heartache or just in need of some happiness. A place for everyone to share stories and bring awareness to their diseases, illnesses and feelings through video and voice. It is a safe place for you to share your thoughts, find a few friends and most importantly know that you are not alone!  Trusting that there is power is numbers and always hope ahead. A place to meet others. A place to find hope. A place where tears and laughter are appreciated and allowed. A place Just For Us.


Today I am here in the Emergency Room because of some side affects from all the IV Treatments I’ve been on over the last few weeks. Which is nothing compared to what I have been through. And this my friends is the reason why I have been MIA lately…

As my brand has become more personal this year I feel like I need to share my story as it is now part of my new life but also to help spread awareness about NMO and use my voice to help others out there get the courage to speak up and be heard regarding their own health issues.

You may or may not know this but I have an autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica aka NMO*. It is an extremely rare disease. As in there are only 4,000 cases in the US. It is in many cases misdiagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis like I was originally diagnosed with in August 2016. And do not have MS as of today.

*Visit The Guthy-Jackson Foundation here to learn more about NMO.

Since August I have had 12 MRI’s. Two Spinal Taps. Hundreds of viles of blood given for labs as well as 8 hours of brain and nerve testing along with many other tests and procedures and have spent hundreds of hours researching diseases, symptoms, side affects, causes and everything in between.

Today I had my eyes tested. And for the first time have good news that I do not have lesions in them! Thank you Jesus! It is so nice to finally hear some good news for once!

I want to share my story and give an update on my health all in one blog so here it is…

As short and sweet as possible!

In August 2016 I had a scheduled Myomectomy Surgery. Removing fibroids that had come back. Three years ago I had two of these surgeries done in Boston. The Surgeons said they could come back in three years and they sure did and ten times bigger! My OBGYN who is incredible said that she was worried with other symptoms I had and needed me to get cleared by a Neurologist before she operated because she had suspicions that I was having a mini stroke or had MS.

I made it my job (literally) to get cleared within 7 days. Results came back and I was diagnosed with MS. I had my surgery and recovered perfectly after 6 weeks time.

After that recovery is when my full time job of finding the correct diagnosis and really saving my life began.

I’ve gone through two Neurologists who unfortunately did not diagnosis and/or treat properly. And I am now with a third team of Neurologists who have diagnosed and treated me properly after my recent 9 day hospital stay! They saved my life and I am forever grateful and lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. No matter who or what you believe in know that someone or something is always looking after you. I am extremely lucky to have had an angel looking down on me on multiple occasions to let me know that my time wasn’t up just yet! I’m a fighter and always will be! I’ve never given up. I had to pull every ounce of energy I had left in me to fight like hell over the last few weeks. It was one thing after the next of constant hurdles I had to jump over. Some days I just wanted to give up. But I powered through every single struggle and battle that came my way. Through laughter, tears, screaming and yelling! 

So here is what happened a few weeks ago. I was prescribed a drug for MS by my second Neurologist. I felt in my gut I should not take these injections I was prescribed because I knew I had NMO and you cannot have NMO and MS. So instead my treatment plan to prevent a relapse again was 5 days of IV Steroids. Unfortunately, I have an extremely high tolerance for pain but on the fifth day of treatment something felt wrong and I couldn’t fight it! I felt like I was going to blow up! I felt an unbearable amount of pressure I can’t even put into words. The Nurse came over and took my blood pressure. It was 221. They immediately stopped treatment which was basically done and wheeled me across to Urgent Care. They did 3 EKG’s and labs but had to put me in an ambulance to a hospital closest with a neurology team because that’s all that they could handle there in their location.

That is when my 9 day hospital stay began. I had to go through all of the testing I had just done for the third time the week before which made it my fourth go around. I had 5 treatments of IV IG, 3 more MRI’s, a spinal tap and a two hour procedure for a pic line that didn’t work out. My poor veins could not handle another IV. By my 6th night stay I already had 13 IV’s. And today my arms are still bruised and so sore. It’s insane how much you go through after you leave the hospital. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Nothing else in the world matters but the fact you can breathe in fresh air and see the sun rise and set. So much rest and recoup is needed after the fact because of what my body has been through. It is so hard for me when all I want to do is work and all I can handle is making a meal, washing dishes and doing my short daily walk. After that I need a nap. It’s so hard to listen to my body but I know that if I don’t I will end up back in the hospital for another unwanted stay. It literally never ends. This month is full of follow up doctor appointments to get me on track for my permanent life long treatment which will hopefully prevent any relapse at all. Unfortunately with the IV IG Treatment I just had you don’t know how long it will keep your immune system suppressed. It could be a week or a month so by the end of the month I should know which treatment is next.

When everything is taken away from you and all you have is a hospital bed and your thoughts you start analyzing every single life moment. What matters? Who matters? Where do I go from here? I mean every single thought in your mind is questioned and evaluated and reevaluated. You can seriously make your self go crazy. It was the hardest and most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with but I’ve made it this far to write about it so I am proud of my strength even though I am crying as I type this! 

I powered through this little road block and will continue to do so.

I will also continue to use my voice to spread awareness about this disease so that I can hopefully help others with NMO or anyone else in some kind of health situation speak up and be their own advocate. 

We only have one life to live and I feel like right now it’s only right to use the platform that I have through social media to help others speak up, be heard and stay strong.

That being said I will be spending more time within the JUST FOR US Community I created on Facebook.

I cannot even tell you how many doctors I have had to give medical information to when it should be the other way around. Just today I’ve schooled four different doctors (in a nice way of course) and given them The Guthy-Jackson Foundation brochure on the disease I keep in my planner to maybe help the next NMO patient that walks through their doors. 

If you feel sick you must do your research for yourself and be seen by a medical professional. And if you feel in your gut there is more than what you are being told than you move on to the next doctor and the next doctor until you get your answer! When I finally heard the words. “You were right. You do not have MS” it was like I won a life long court case. It was the biggest sigh of relief. Finally…

At first I was numb and in complete shock and then tears of joy because all of my hard work had paid off. Then it hit me that I actually have NMO and I could be blind and paralyzed overnight. At this point I became scared but knew it was my reality to now tackle with my new team of Neurologists and get the treatment that I desperately needed…

I know that this post was extremely long and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who is going through anything health related as I am here to help spread some happiness through the hell they are most likely going through as I have just been there and back a few times already.

I want to first thank my OBGYN for listening to me over the Summer. If it wasn’t for her who knows where I would be right now. 

I also want to thank every Nurse who has helped and cared for me. Without them I don’t think my full sense of humor would still be in tact. Thank you for laughing at my jokes and listening to my stories while on morphine. Thank you for sneaking me snacks in the middle of the night and for letting me use my essential oils and Febreeze and smelling up the entire hospital floor! Thank you for letting me out of my room every day to walk around. Thank you for trying your best to find a vein on an arm in the middle of the night. It’s the little things like this that make a patient feel so much better through a very long hospital stay and make you fantastic and incredible at doing your job! Saying I appreciate you is clearly an understatement.

One thing I want to say is that if you work in the medical field and hate your job it shows. Please find a new job that compassion and manners are not needed. Do what makes you happy! Sick patients just want to be greeted with a simple hello and smile. It’s not too much to ask right?

Lastly, thank you to my new neurology team who tested, retested and tested again and would not let me leave the hospital without answers, confirmation and complete treatment. It’s because of you and your countless hours of research and work that I am writing this today.

Wishing you a wonderful week and I’ll be back soon with a new post!

If you cannot wait until then you can follow me on my Instagram and Facebook pages below.


PS If you are in need of any of my Doctors for yourself here in Las Vegas please email me here and I would be more than happy to send you their names as they are THE BEST!

PPS  For more of my story, pictures and videos throughout my hospital stay you may visit my YouCaring page right here…