In today’s episode of The Happy Workaholic Podcast I am sharing an informative conversation I had with Amber Malcom for The Professional Patient Series.

The episodes for this series will showcase every day health stories from the patient, family member and friend, the medical professional, advocates, and the healers.

Tune in today to hear Amber, a Recovering Attorney share her health story of having an extremely rare disease, how she fought the 10% chance and how she now lives a much healthier life while running her own business providing 100% natural, safe and better for you cleaning products. Guys! The products of Shabby Chick Cleaners are incredible and have also been featured on HSN twice!

Amber shares her pregnancy and early delivery story with us as well as her multiple hospital stays and how her immune system had to adapt to a new normal of not being infected. How the doctors around her handled diagnosing as well as the meds that she was put on.

After being and ill and then learning how to withdraw from the medications she was on and then having to recover; the amount of time to heal you physically and mentally is something not too many people talk about! However, we are today!

Organizing your medical records is probably one of the most important things for you to do for yourself and others you are involved with in their medical journey so you will also hear how we both feel about that and the steps we take in order to make sure these things are checked off our list.

Sanitizer is a HOT commodity these days and Amber has some and ships orders out the same day. If you are in need please visit her site here: https://www.ShabbyChickCleaners.com

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