Want to know how to get the life and business you deserve? This episode is full of actionable steps and is exactly what you need at this very moment. Go grab a notebook and settle into your favorite little spot and get ready to take some notes. I am sharing the real, raw truth about entrepreneurship. Why you must manifest, visualize, sacrafice, work hard and never EVER give up on yourself, your business or your dreams…

Welcome to a VERY special edition of The Happy Workaholic Podcast. Today is my 3-year anniversary of the show. It is also my birthday today! The BIG 42! I cannot believe it! What a year it has been. Holy sh*t!

If you have not listened to my last episode (216) you may want to do that first to catch up on some major things that have happened recently. https://kellyanngorman.com/216-overcoming-life-obstacles-finding-success-and-winning-at-life/

When this pandemic began, I am not going to lie, I honestly thought that if I walked outside, I would get the virus and die. Hello PTSD. I am happy to say that only lasted about a month or so. My insomnia however was here for a few and has now left! Thank god for my new sleep elixir I mention in the show.

I realize how lucky I am to be alive and I cannot stand looking back and having regrets, so I looked at this pandemic the same. I worked so hard you guys. I paid off almost all my bills, got a number of new clients, folded plastic bags to calm my nerves, did all the self-care, hired a group of super talented individuals to help me with things I hate doing and they are so good at.

I also caught up with friends I haven’t spoken to in over a decade, outsourced all the things, took this show and brand to a whole new level, decided to learn more on sound baths and now I am obsessed and so much more. I listened to my first Audible book, did a colon cleanse, finished six medical malpractice legal cases and of course tried my best to learn all the DC on TikTok.

There is a very special treat in this episode for you and I would love to type longer notes for you here to explain why this could honestly be my best episode yet but I would rather you hear it for yourself.

PS Please do not listen to this one around the kiddos because I am droppin’ some F bombs quite a lot. Just keeping it super passionate about life over here.

Helping humans organize their space, build momentum, stay accountable, launch successful podcasts, and most importantly enjoy their life is why I am here.

The mission of this show is to share why it is so important to work hard, share your story, follow your dreams and never give up and I hope you take that away from this very special episode!

I truly want to help you get to that next level you deserve to be at in your personal and professional life and I hope this show becomes the tool for you to do just that!

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