Today is an incredibly special episode. I am sharing a conversation I had with Lauren Eliz Love for The Professional Patient Series.

Lauren is the Founder of businessbabe.com as well as the Host of The Business Babe Podcast. Today we are talking about patient advocacy, chronic illnesses, holistic healing, spirituality and so much more…

Tune in to hear why vulnerability should be your number one value throughout your health journey as well as your business and why you need to learn how to navigate through life and an illness with uncertainty and imperfections.

After years of being ill, Lauren was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease as well as three other co-infections. Today we chat about how she was able to get diagnosed, the pain she went through prior to that and her new ways of healing. Lauren has done two 14-day water fasts, focuses on plants and herbs rather than meds, sauna and red light therapy and a few other incredible tools which she shares with us today.

Going through the process of being diagnosed is tough and running an online business and figuring out what to share and when can also be a difficult decision to make. Both Lauren and I shared it all with our followers and now on this episode in the hopes that by sharing our journeys we can help more patients like us.

When it comes to healing there are so many routes you can take. Lauren shares her recent trip to Rythmia in Costa Rica and the part that played in her journey as well as her new garden and protocols she likes, such as the infamous Medical Medium. Ever heard of Celery Juice? Well, Anthony created that trend which truly works!

If you or someone you know needs a boost in confidence to find that doctor, get that diagnosis or ready for more healing information and options, today’s show is exactly what you need to hear!

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