Ready to make some massive shifts and changes in the new year? Crush those big goals of yours? I’ve got you covered.

Today I am sharing all my end of month and end of year tasks I completed, as well as how I prepared for the first quarter. I am obsessed with organizing, clearing out the negative energy, and setting up productive systems.

I literally spent the past 36 hours doing all of this, which I cannot wait to share how, and the tools I use to make it happen. I cut expenses, made investments, and went through 42 years of “stuff” that needed to go, just to name a few.

You are worth the investment. Spend time alone, map out your day, week, month, and more if you want. You deserve this special time to figure out what it is you want to achieve in this new year.

Bring in new energy, write in your journal, task out your planner, and create a calendar filled with goals that you know can crush! And ones that really make you work. You’ve got this! PS A cell phone on airplane mode and a good playlist helps me do just this. Zero distractions!

The time, money, and energy you choose to invest in yourself right now, will help you out in the long run (end of the year), I promise you that.

The systems I have created work great for someone who works in the online space, as well as someone managing a household. And especially for the woman (or man) on the go!

I plan out my content, repurposing schedule, and all the marketing, recording, filming, and producing I do for my business. I hope this episode helps you make the shifts and changes you deserve to happen in your own life.

Now, if you need a visual, be sure to follow me on TikTok. That is where all my how-to videos can be found.

I made some pretty big changes within my business and with myself over the weekend. A book, podcast, mindset, and life goals as well. Be sure to listen until the very end for the good stuff.

Happy 2021!

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