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There are more than 900 million people using LinkedIn as of this year. That number is absolutely insane, and it is still growing. I have been on the platform since 2012 and since then it has done incredible things for my career.

If you are looking to get online and learn more about LinkedIn, need a profile audit, in need of a branding refresh, company sales and marketing tutorial, podcast repurposing session, or a quick give me all your advice but in a quick way, this episode is for you!

When I first launched this podcast back in 2017 I started coaching sessions on LinkedIn as I saw so many of my clients were quite honestly intimidated by it. So I shared what worked for me and have been giving them my best LinkedIn tips, tricks, and strategies since.

I have so many options for you to learn from when it comes to LinkedIn, and I hope that this episode is able to give you the information in which you are in need of today.

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