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In this episode of The Happy Workaholic Podcast I am talking about my brand new program just added to The Happy Workaholic Network called Your Podcast Production!

There are many ways to create and launch a podcast and I believe that keeping it simple, organized and original is the most efficient and affective route to go. If you have listened to any of my other shows you will know that I never edit! There is a reason for that…

Your Podcast Production designs, coaches, produces and aligns you and your brand to have a successful, enjoyable and profitable podcast.

The thought process behind creating this program was to make sure there were multiple packages to choose from. Not everyone is in the same stage of their business so I needed it to reflect that. After working with clients and listening to my following of what they needed I put specific programs together and magic just happened!

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Talk soon, Kelly

To learn more about Your Podcast Production click here!

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