One of my favorite snacks. Super simple and great for parties!
What you will need…
1 Can of Garbanzo Beans per person and any spices to create the taste that you are craving. I will list my favorites below.
I know one can seems like a lot but once cooked they’ll be gone quite quickly.
Empty can of beans in collander and thoroughly drain and wash to get rid of all the liquid/salt etc.
Let beans dry a bit on paper towel. I’d say around 30 minutes. They roast faster when dryer to begin with.
Spray foil on cookie sheet with Pam or Olive Oil
In large bowl add garbanzo beans, 1 teaspoon olive oil and your favorite spice/mixture (see below for options).
Pour contents of bowl onto cookie sheet and cook on 425-450 degrees (depending on oven temps) for a good 25-30 minutes. Serve in dish and be done!
If you are looking to incorporate more for a heartier snack I like to add gluten free pretzals as well as corn and/or rice chexs. So yummy…
Roasted Garbanzo Beans are also a great replacement for croutons on salads.
Spices I’ve added that taste amazing…
Sesame Oil/Sesame Seeds
BBQ Steak RubOnion and Garlic
Cinnamon and Sugar
Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper
Lime Juice and Pink Himalayan Salt
Lemon Juice and Black Pepper