Hello and welcome to week two of my How To Series. This week is all about Business. And today’s topic I would like to discuss is Manners. Please and Thank You’s is a very important subject so let’s dive right in…

It does not matter if you are working digitally or in person with people every day.

Please please please use your manners.

Please, Thank You, Your Welcome. No Thank You. My pleasure. I’m not interested.

This all matters!

Are you with me?

Proper spelling of names, texts and voicemails are definitely included when it comes to manners. If you are texting make sure a happy tone is felt through the text. Not the bad mood you may happen to be in at the moment. However, make sure a text is the proper way to connect. I would prefer an introductory email then if the situation feels right move to text. This in my opinion is the right way of contact. However, every situation differs.

I know we’ve all received an email or text with “that tone”! Wasn’t it awful? Absolutely! So please do not be the person on the other end sending them because they are awful to read when you are the one in a happy mood. No one needs a Debby Downer especially when it comes to your business.

Have you ever had multiple that feels like hundreds of emails go back and forth with a client/customer? With my experience those emails are usually regarding the budget or creative. Did you then loose the deal? I have definitely been there a few times. You put in all of this hard work and then nothing!

I am telling you this is a good thing and it is all ok. Each deal lost will in turn create the possibility and opportunity for a better one. I am telling you the honest truth. However, it was hard to take the first few times. I am not going to sugar coat it!

We live in a crazy crazy world right now so let’s just be happy and kind towards one another. Speaking of HAPPY! Check out what I posted on my Instagram Stories this morning. 

First impressions are everything and keep in fact the six degrees of separation. In Vegas it is more like one or two. Everyone is connected here! And so is everyone in the digital world. Make sure to always leave a lasting impression. You never know where you or that contact will end up next.

If you make a mistake just admit it and honestly is always the best policy. If you lose that deal always thank them for their time and that you look forward to seeing or hearing from them soon.

Lastly, once your emails have led to that Zoom video call or an in person meeting always ALWAYS introduce yourself by your first and last name. It’s sooo much more professional and proper. It’s never “Hey! I’m Kelly” it’s “Such a pleasure to finally meet you. I am Kelly Ann Gorman”. See that? Sounds much better.

Question! Have you ever been in an uncomfortable position where someone did not use their manners? Have they spammed your inbox? Did they still harass after you politely declined?

Sharing is Caring. “Please” leave your story in the comments below and Iet’s talk about it.

Until tomorrow…


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Hello and Happy Happy Friday!

I hope that you are enjoying this How To Series as much as I love talking and writing about it! Today’s topic of organization is your closet. Some people dread this area while others simply look forward to it.

Winter is right around the corner so this weekend could be the a great time for you to complete this project!

As I said in yesterday’s blog you need to be able to see what you have in the fridge and pantry so it doesn’t go to waste. This is so it doesn’t go bad. Well the same thing goes for your clothes. I like to to see everything in a clean and organized fashion. Pun intended.

There are so many ways to put together a closet and depending on the style and size of your closet will depend on how you catalogue it aka put it together.

I have put together many closets for clients over the years so I can tell you that I am an expert in this department. And when I tell you that I once spent three 12 plus hour days putting together two closets I am not kidding. Literally truck loads of clothes and accessories. So I think that all this experience qualifies me to be an Expert in this field right?

Let’s get to it. I want to be able to help you from the very beginning but if you don’t have the time then just pick up from where you would prefer to!

Here are my steps in creating the perfect closet…

First take everything out. I mean everything. Shoes, belts, hats. All of it. Lay it on your bed or sofas in an organized fashion.

Give it a good clean. I know this may sound annoying and a bigger project than expected but if you start with a clean and fresh smelling closet you will feel ten times more accomplished by the end of this.

Hangars. If you don’t have all of the same. Eventually invest. It looks and feels better. I prefer black hangars for a more sleek look but feel free to choose YOUR favorite.

Before you start putting together your closet go grab a few boxes or large trash bags and a garbage can. These will be for donating the items you no longer need and the garbage can so you don’t make a crazy mess. Hello…You know you have to stay organized while you organize. Honestly, if it is too much then just do it at the end. These are just my tips.

When you begin to put your pieces back into the closet you want to group all of your pieces together. I prefer them to start at tanks and work my way up to heavy jackets. I also like to color code them. I lay sweaters flat on a shelf because they are too bulky to hang and hangar marks are awful! By the way if you haven’t worn a piece in a year and/or it doesn’t fit this is the time to drop it in the donate box!

Other items I fold are yoga pants, shorts, bulky sweatshirts and t-shirts. Although if you have the space feel free to hang. Again this is just how I prefer styling a closet.

If you have capsule wardrobes this project just became a lot easier. A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited number of items in your wardrobe. They usually consist of denim, grey, beige, black and white. Neutrals that you can rotate the pieces within your little collection. This wardrobe isn’t for everyone but is becoming more popular by the day. This is wardrobe is great for someone who travels a lot or a minimalist.

As far as pants, skirts and athletic wear I like to hang in half on a hangar and put to the left before my tank top section starts.

Before that I have all of my scarves. I have quite a large collection of those so they take up about 6 hangars worth.

If you have lots of behind the door space or extra room you can always hang belts and scarves there. If you are using hangars you can usually fit 4-6 on each. Use less space.

Now on to shoes. Shoe trees are the best for flats. I also love clear shoe boxes again so I am able to see all the pairs that I have. If you have a great shelf space line up the heels color coded of course. If not, stack them up on the floor under hanging clothes.

Sneakers always on a shelf or somewhere you won’t mind germs. I’ve had mine in an empty laundry basket before. This space was designated just for that reason. See I used what I had again. By doing this it will allow you to be creative as well as spend a lot less money.

If money is no object or you need some personal tips for your closet then lets talk! I can help you create a list of must have pro organizing equipment from on a budget to no budget costs.

Always set aside a formal section apart from your every day wardrobe. I prefer to have them after my coats. formal gowns, suit jackets, pant suits etc. If it is something like fur or vintage; cedar blocks are great for keeping them fresh!

I know this is a lot to read so if you made it to the end congrats!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and if you have any questions just leave them below in the comments…





I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen. Cooking and entertaining no matter what occasion is truly a passion of mine. Therefore keeping the kitchen tidy has always been top priority in the house. The kitchen can never ever be a mess. Especially when I am cooking. I clean it up even before I begin to cook. I just need a clean kitchen!

I know you are probable shaking your head and thinking… Is she OCD or what? Well I can definitely tell you that working on over 20 yachts has made me that way. I still q-tip clean my silver but that story is for another time.

OK now back to your kitchen. I have a few tips that I would like to share with you so that you feel better and less stressed out about how your kitchen may or may not look right now!

The first area that you will notice is your counter tops. Are they cluttered? Are there papers everywhere?

If you answered yes then here is what I like to do…

First off papers can get oil, cleaning products and food on them. And that is just gross! Keep a separate drawer in the kitchen with a nice folder in it. This is where you can store those papers. Permanently or until you have time to file them in an office area. I recommend the second. I know you need a junk drawer but eventually it becomes just that. Junk! So either organize or throw that stuff away.

I am a huge collector of vases. Crystal and glass and all shapes and sizes. Guess what I do with most of them? I use them as decor, yes but also to store things and keep them clean and all together. I love to use them for spatulas and cooking utensils. I used to have candles in a few scattered around the counter too! Mason jar or old bar ware also work great for this! The also come in handy when I entertain. I use them to hold utensils for guest. It look pretty and keeps everything clean for guests.

Now lets talk about all the mismatched Tupperware you have. You know you have them! Organize them together to where all tops and bottoms match. Then put aside the ones that don’t match. You can now use these to store misc. items in your kitchen. Recycling these items will keep your kitchen nice and organized and you won’t have to go out and buy anything else for finish this project. Use what you have! I say this to everyone!

If you have a pantry or some sort of food closet you want to organize it to where you can see everything. I really don’t like boxes. So this is another place where you can recycle those Tupperware as well.

Just think if you open your pantry and saw everything that was in there then I’m sure you wouldn’t go out and spend more money on food you just didn’t even need.

This trick goes for spices as well. You definitely want to rotate these out as they also have a shelf life. A few months or so at the most to keep for the freshest taste in meals.

I like to have all the dishes organized together by size. Most kitchens I’ve organized I will say are pretty good in the dish department. Again the better organized the more free room and cleaner the shelf looks. Just pretend that all your cabinets had glass doors if they don’t already.

Pots and pans are simple. Keep the same style together and stock them up inside each other or hang them on wall or in a deep cabinet space if available.. This will definitely free up a lot of space for you. For those of you that have an abundance or lack of space to begin with I would suggest hiding them in the oven. Just don’t forget to take them out prior to turning on the oven. We’ve all been there.

Now lets go back to my love for cooking. One of the things I do every morning is organize the fridge. I know it sounds crazy! That’s what I get for being a “yachtie” aka someone who works on yachts!

Every morning we had to make sure the fridge was in tip top shape just in case a guest were to see it and I still do that! Any way it does have good reason.

Most of the meals I create come from me looking at the fridge to see what I have in there. It’s exciting to me to be able to put together new dishes this way! Be creative with your food! Be proud and allow yourself to enjoy it!

I have everything organized to where I can see it. Everything. Just like I have the pantry, I have the fridge and freezer. I usually prep meals one week ahead so I can grab and go. The more leftovers I use to create meals the more room I have. Try this!

I can promise you that pepping your meals in advance will save you time, calories and money! It has for me. You need to use what you have and store it in matching sized containers so that you can save room for larger items in both fridge and freezer.

I know that when I make a batch of veggie burgers and protein pancakes they each fill up two freezer sized Ziplocs and that’s an entire shelf in the freezer! And that is just for me not a family. If were talking 3 or more then you will definitely need more room available to accommodate for your next shopping trip.

Make sure you eat these prepped meals of yours. You don’t want all that time you spent and meals you prepped to go to waste.

Well those are just a few of my tips and tricks for you on how to keep your kitchen tidy. If you want to see my behind the scenes pics just head over to my Instagram Stories today…

Have a question? I have an answer. Leave it below for me in the comments…

Until tomorrow…





How To Stay Organized was one of my first blog posts in 2017. I received so much great feedback I wanted to share those very well thought out tips with you again to kick off my How To Series this November. A lot of us are already prepping for 2018 so to look back at these ideas and cross them off your list is a great idea. I say this as I am doing this right now!

Every day throughout the month of November I will be sharing all of my knowledge and expertise with you here on my blog, my Medium page and in the Just For Us Community. Thirty-One topics which I have categorized under five different subjects. How to be and stay organized, business tips, beauty tricks, travel planning as well as health and wellness knowledge.

Below are the specified weeks and as I said new posts will be up every day each week! By the way, if you have a friend you would like to share this info with please do. And add them to the Just For Us Community Private Facebook Group here. Sharing is Caring and that is my personal goal this November. Share. Share. Share…

Week One: November 1-4: Get Organized

Week Two: November 5-11: Business

Week Three: November 12-18: Beauty

Week Four: November 19-25: Travel

Week Five: November 26-30: Health and Wellness

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I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and thrilled to be able to share with you now!

Below are a few tasks that I have completed in my personal life, my office area as well as online and on my devices. I have done this quarterly throughout 2017 to keep me on my toes and will continue through 2018. So don’t stress about getting it all done at once. Just start! Light your favorite candle, put on your favorite music and get this organizing party started today!


Shredded $15 worth of unneeded paperwork, notebooks and tax info from years past. Not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. I was shredding docs from 1998. Really?

Created a new Vision Board for 2017. I change these monthly. If you want to check the one I completed today check out my IG Stories right here. I’ll be doing the same in 2018. I am a very visual person so if I have something to look at every day it helps me stay focused. I have post-its on a cork board and goals I want to reach. I even have my favorite fortunes from cookies. Yes I collect them! 

Got rid of battery packs, chargers and electronics that were no longer working. Really not sure why I had a freezer bag full of these. Set up an EBay store and sell them if they do work!

Organized folders, office supplies and paperwork. Labels, sharpies decorative boxes, glass jars or vases and paperclips are best for this. I just cleaned out a storage unit so this took the longest but felt so good when I finished.

Created a special space for all of my journals. These are my pride and joy. 

Put together a 12 month plan/calendar so I can see everyday what I need to be working towards and to stay ahead of the game. I have always focused on a month at a time. This year I wanted to map out my year and focus on quarterly goals. So far it’s working out for me.

Put away all my old planners and set up my new one for 2017. I’ve just started this project for 2018. For some reason I still cannot part with a few of these but at least they are all in one place now. My new planner however is amazing and I am obsessed with it! The best part is that my best friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I am extremely picky with my planners and she bought the exact style I love and it has anchors all over it. Love that touch of style as I am originally from RI so the anchor holds a close place to my heart. I’m always posting it on my Instagram. That’s how much I LOVE it! Side note. I just read there are only 5 more Fridays until Christmas 2017 which is insane. I am so not ready for the holidays just yet…

Set up a work schedule for myself so that I do not feel overwhelmed with my workload. I am one to stay on my computer for 12-14 hours at a time which is awful. I know I can’t do that anymore so I have set up times to be on, then research then back on then prep meals, work out etc.


Donated two suitcases worth of clothes, shoes, and misc items to Goodwill. I know I have more this is just the beginning. I also have a collection of medicine bottles growing to donate to a country who recycles them. I just found out about this charity. I wish I knew about it in May. I would have 100 bottles by now. Update. That charity no longer exists but #capsforwheels does so I will be donating them thee as well as plastic water bottle caps.

Created a new Happiness Board for 2017. I like to have a cork board for work and a cork board for ME! This includes quotes, pictures, just anything that puts a smile on my face ? I also update this monthly.

Add a new thought for my Happiness Jar daily. I created this in December and have been putting a new thought in every day. When you are having a tough day just or at the end of the year you pull out your thoughts and read them. 

Journal every single morning. I’ve been doing this since July 2014. These journal entries have now become part of The Happy Workaholic Podcast. You can listen to the latest show right here…

Trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and intake less meat products weekly. I can absolutely see the changes in my body when eating this way. I know it is best for my health so trying my best to stick with it. I just incorporated Bulletproof Coffee this week and I feel a difference just after having two cups. It is crazy!

Walk at much as I can throughout the week. I’ve gone the past two days in a row. I am so sore right now but on a mission to get back out there today. I tune up my music and power walk for about 3-4 miles. Trying to do 5X this week. Wish me luck…

Meditate daily. Even if for only ten minutes. I go through phases with this. Going to get back on track this week.


Completed a re-brand of

Updated every single social media page I have. It’s very important to keep your brand and message consistent all across the board. I just finished my Pinterest boards this morning. 

Unsubscribed from hundreds of emails that I no longer needed.

Deleted emails and social media accounts that I no longer used.

Created thank you messages for all my new followers in the notes section on my phone. I have thousands to thank so this message makes it so much easier to do.


Put together an Excel Spreadsheet to track all of my social media, LinkedIn and newsletter subscribers. I tally them every Monday night and at the end of the month to see which outlet is working best for me. I started doing this in a notebook a few months ago but decided an Excel sheet would be best!

Backed up all files in two different places. 10 years of digital files takes forever. Times two!

Organized desktop. I went from 20 folders to 6. Looks so clean now!

Took off all notification pop ups.

Cleaned up task bar!


Deleted apps I haven’s used in a few months.

Deleted email accounts I no longer needed on phone.

Deleted notes I did not need.

Organized photos into new albums and deleted one the one I did not use.

Organized my iBooks App.


Took off all social media and unused apps. I like to use my tablet to watch my webinars or videos while I work on my computer. I use my phone for social media and music. Three devices at once is normal right?

Well that’ it. I still have a few more to check off my list but I think I am off to a great start. I feel so much better working in my space now. Try it! And again leave me a comment below if you need some help or another tip. I would love to help you out…

PS For behind the scenes look at my ‘how to’s” follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, positive and productive day!




The Universe works in such a crazy way sometimes. Ironically this blog post had already been scheduled as the How To Series Refresh post for the day. If you saw my Instagram post earlier today then you will understand how I am feeling right now and why I am talking about the Universe.

As you may or may not know I was originally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August and now know that I do not have MS. I actually have an extremely rare autoimmune disease called NMO aka Neuromyelitis Optica.

You can learn more about it here…

Since then my personal and professional life has had to completely change. One thing I refuse to change is my positive attitude. Yes, I have those days that I cry and I am curled up in a ball in bed. But you will never see me posting a negative comment about it on Facebook. I just don’t want to bring negative energy or comments into my life! Although today I am human and was definitely heading in that direction…

My advice to anyone with a medical condition is to surround yourself with the most positive group of people. That includes your Doctors! Seriously even them! You have to be strong for yourself in order to get better and stay healthy. My mantra which you’ve probably seen me post before is Positive, Productive, Happy and Healthy. And this is how I choose to live my life…

The first thing I did when I found out I was sick was search for other patients online. I needed more information. I needed to speak with others that knew exactly how I was feeling. I was just thrown into a world of unknown and needed to find answers and others going through the same experience. And that is what I continue to do every day. Now I use my voice to help spread awareness about all of my recent diagnosis in the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY.

There are so many people out there that think they are alone. But they are not! They just need to want to find others out there. They need to be extremely proactive and want to do it. That is a must! Trust me it’s a full time zero paying job being your own advocate. I know my voice matters and can help others if I use it. I realized this when I started posting videos about my chronic illnesses. I’ve received hundreds of messages and emails from others wanting more info as well as providing me with info that I am so grateful for and messages thanking me because I made the video in the first place. That part is and still is crazy because I was just doing it for me! I needed an outlet…

I remember the day I got diagnosed. I cried my eyes out. My friends hugged me and told me I was going to be OK! I called my family and then posted on Facebook for the world to know. There is no way I could hide this! I needed everyone to know so I could find others that were going through the same thing. I needed help and answers as this was the one thing I just could not fix or change. I was so frustrated but thank god for social media because that is where I found everything and everyone I needed to know! Part of me didn’t want to post because of clients finding out. But then I thought if they think I couldn’t handle their workload then they didn’t really know me. Everyone knows I am a Happy Workaholic and always have been. And they know my personality, which is I NEVER EVER give up!!!

After my post on Facebook I went to Instagram. I began to search every hashtag looking for friends, a community and more answers. That is how I found my friend Jennifer Finney. She caught my attention right away! She had a spunk and positive energy about her that I know I could relate to! There was no “Negative Nancy” vibes about her which I loved. Everything in her feed was positive so of course I introduced myself and followed her. I then decided we needed to be friends on Facebook! Thank god she accepted! lol

I mean if she were in Las Vegas I’m pretty sure we would be besties by now! Although I think we are online…

Right Jennifer? lol

We’ve messaged each other all positive notes and she always answers my questions. We both also love to cook delicious healthy meals. I mean obviously I was sold! lol.

Thanks Jennifer for always being there for me especially when I needed it the most!

I am so lucky to have found you.

FYI…If you are one of those people that cannot understand or comprehend how you build relationships with others online this right here is a prime example. Contact and engagement!

When I started putting together the ideas and concept of my How To Series I created lists of friends and clients who were amazing at their job, career, achievements and those who inspired me!  A list of friends that I wanted my readers to learn and know about! Jennifer was the first one I added on the Health and Wellness list.

I asked Jennifer to share her story as it is truly remarkable. I also asked her to share her tips on being healthy and fit while having Multiple Sclerosis.

These tips go for anyone going through a health situation so please know that it is not just for MS patients.

Also we are not doctors. We are just two women sharing our story and journey with you today.

Here is Jennifer Finney’s story…

I wasn’t always fit and healthy. In fact, most of my life, I was obese. Until a few years ago, exercise and eating a healthy diet were way down on my list of desires and priorities.

I often used MS as an excuse to NOT take a walk with girlfriends or learn to cook healthy meals.

But four years ago, that all changed when I decided to overcome my excuses and just see what would happen if I changed my diet and started exercising again, in spite of my MS.

After making regular exercise and eating a diet centered on whole, unprocessed foods a priority, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost weight, gained energy and stamina I didn’t even realize I could have, and gained more mental strength than I ever dreamed possible.

Of course, having MS definitely has its challenges when it comes to exercise. For myself, I typically have a numb right leg and foot, I struggle with stamina in heat, and my bladder has a mind of its own.

But, as the experts say, exercise is vital to our overall health and well-being, so I’ve figured out how to “do it anyway.”

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. But most doctors will tell you that the benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks of getting hurt. So if you’ve got the clear, and you’re ready to get started, here are a few tips for you that I’ve learned over the years and apply on the regular for myself and my clients.

Tip #1: Know your body and don’t be afraid of it.

It’s okay to push yourself beyond what you think you can actually do. I started exercising by walking on the treadmill, later moving on to the elliptical when I built up enough leg strength and cardio vascular stamina.

I did as much as I could in the gym until my bladder problems and wonky right leg started making it difficult. So I switched to the lap pool where I could pee with abandon and it didn’t matter if my leg was numb. When I injured my shoulder I had to find another way to work my body and my heart.

That’s when I found spinning. Tough as nails, spinning strengthened my legs and my cardio vascular endurance by leaps and bounds. Plus, I was able to lock my feet into place so again; wonky leg was not an issue. Yay!

I’ve since moved on to doing many different at-home workouts, being mindful of my body.

Working out at home is a great solution for me, because I can control the climate and my bathroom is seconds away. I also try to incorporate stretching and some sort of yoga practice, which has helped a ton with balance and flexibility.

Tip #2: Listen to your body.

It’s important to be mindful of what your body is telling you during and after, exercise.

If you’re in the middle of exercising and you feel pain or feel like you need a break, it’s totally okay to take one! Stop what you’re doing, wait 10 minutes to recover and then start up again if you can.

I try to be very aware of the signals my body is giving me all the time, not just during exercise.

If I have muscle soreness, I take an Epsom salt bath. If I am exhausted after several days in a row of strenuous exercise, I take a day off to rest. If I need a nap, you guessed it, I take one!

Tip #3: Have fun!

If exercise is something you dread, then you’re doing the wrong thing. Try different types of exercise until you find the one that really is your sweet spot.

For example, you may need to get off the treadmill and call your girlfriend to go for a walk in the neighborhood. Or try the elliptical machine or swim laps the pool.

Switching up your routine isn’t just good for your body, but your mind, as doing the same thing all the time gets boring and your body gets used to it.

Also, put together a playlist full of your fave pump-you-up tunes, or listen to a podcast while you workout.

I used to LOVE listening to a Comedy radio station in the gym and found myself LOL’ing and getting the “what are you laughing at” look by other gym goers more than once. haha! Which made everything even more hilarious!

The important thing is, do what you love! If you don’t love it or enjoy it, then it’s time to do something else.

In the end, the most important thing to remember, no matter what, is that you just can’t quit altogether. The way I see it, the day I quit taking care of my body, with how I exercise it and how I choose to nourish it, is the day I decide I’m not worth it.

It’s the day I decide to let MS win.  And I’m not about to let that happen as long as I can help it.

So to recap, know your body and don’t be afraid of it, it’s capable of a lot more than you think. Tune in to your body and do what it’s telling you. If you need a break, take a break! And finally, have fun! You’ll be much more apt to keep going if it’s something you enjoy, not something you dread.

And, of course, whatever you do, DON’T QUIT!

You CAN totally do it!!!

About Jennifer Finney…

Jennifer Finney has had MS for 12 years. After losing over 100 pounds by changing her diet and exercising, she now coaches women who desperately want to lose weight without dieting.  She gives them the tools they need to jump off the diet roller coaster once and for all and live a life they truly love.

When she’s not busy helping women transform their lives, you can find her indulging her inner rock star on a Sunday morning singing with the church band, enjoying a movie night with the fam or savoring a grande soy latte, no whip. And of course, chocolate will forever and always be her love language. ❤

Find Jennifer on her pages below and be sure to tell her I sent you…




As always if you have a question or something inspirational to share please let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages.

Until tomorrow…


PS If you are someone who is looking for a few friends online I have started a community called JUST FOR US.

The JUST FOR US Community has been created for anyone going through a tough time. Health, heartache or just in need of some happiness. This is a safe place for you to share your feelings, find a few friends and most importantly know that you are not alone!

For more on my health journey visit my page here.


Throughout the month of March all of my posts here and on LinkedIn will have one subject in common. How-To!

I’ve been wanting to do this series for quite some time and cannot wait to share everything Beauty, Business, Luxury, LinkedIn and Lifestyle with you.

That being said I am asking YOU what you would like to learn and read about?


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Beauty tips?

Essential Oils, Health and Wellness?

Keep your home and office organized?

Let me know in the comments below so I can add it to my list!

Cannot wait to hear your thoughts and launch this series Wednesday 3-1-17!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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