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How To Stay Organized was one of my first blog posts in 2017. I received so much great feedback I wanted to share those very well thought out tips with you again to kick off my How To Series this November. A lot of us are already prepping for 2018 so to look back at these ideas and cross them off your list is a great idea. I say this as I am doing this right now!

Every day throughout the month of November I will be sharing all of my knowledge and expertise with you here on my blog, my Medium page and in the Just For Us Community. Thirty-One topics which I have categorized under five different subjects. How to be and stay organized, business tips, beauty tricks, travel planning as well as health and wellness knowledge.

Below are the specified weeks and as I said new posts will be up every day each week! By the way, if you have a friend you would like to share this info with please do. And add them to the Just For Us Community Private Facebook Group here. Sharing is Caring and that is my personal goal this November. Share. Share. Share…

Week One: November 1-4: Get Organized

Week Two: November 5-11: Business

Week Three: November 12-18: Beauty

Week Four: November 19-25: Travel

Week Five: November 26-30: Health and Wellness

If you don’t have time to read each day I will be sending links in my weekly newsletter which you can sign up for right here.

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and thrilled to be able to share with you now!

Below are a few tasks that I have completed in my personal life, my office area as well as online and on my devices. I have done this quarterly throughout 2017 to keep me on my toes and will continue through 2018. So don’t stress about getting it all done at once. Just start! Light your favorite candle, put on your favorite music and get this organizing party started today!


Shredded $15 worth of unneeded paperwork, notebooks and tax info from years past. Not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. I was shredding docs from 1998. Really?

Created a new Vision Board for 2017. I change these monthly. If you want to check the one I completed today check out my IG Stories right here. I’ll be doing the same in 2018. I am a very visual person so if I have something to look at every day it helps me stay focused. I have post-its on a cork board and goals I want to reach. I even have my favorite fortunes from cookies. Yes I collect them! 

Got rid of battery packs, chargers and electronics that were no longer working. Really not sure why I had a freezer bag full of these. Set up an EBay store and sell them if they do work!

Organized folders, office supplies and paperwork. Labels, sharpies decorative boxes, glass jars or vases and paperclips are best for this. I just cleaned out a storage unit so this took the longest but felt so good when I finished.

Created a special space for all of my journals. These are my pride and joy. 

Put together a 12 month plan/calendar so I can see everyday what I need to be working towards and to stay ahead of the game. I have always focused on a month at a time. This year I wanted to map out my year and focus on quarterly goals. So far it’s working out for me.

Put away all my old planners and set up my new one for 2017. I’ve just started this project for 2018. For some reason I still cannot part with a few of these but at least they are all in one place now. My new planner however is amazing and I am obsessed with it! The best part is that my best friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I am extremely picky with my planners and she bought the exact style I love and it has anchors all over it. Love that touch of style as I am originally from RI so the anchor holds a close place to my heart. I’m always posting it on my Instagram. That’s how much I LOVE it! Side note. I just read there are only 5 more Fridays until Christmas 2017 which is insane. I am so not ready for the holidays just yet…

Set up a work schedule for myself so that I do not feel overwhelmed with my workload. I am one to stay on my computer for 12-14 hours at a time which is awful. I know I can’t do that anymore so I have set up times to be on, then research then back on then prep meals, work out etc.


Donated two suitcases worth of clothes, shoes, and misc items to Goodwill. I know I have more this is just the beginning. I also have a collection of medicine bottles growing to donate to a country who recycles them. I just found out about this charity. I wish I knew about it in May. I would have 100 bottles by now. Update. That charity no longer exists but #capsforwheels does so I will be donating them thee as well as plastic water bottle caps.

Created a new Happiness Board for 2017. I like to have a cork board for work and a cork board for ME! This includes quotes, pictures, just anything that puts a smile on my face ? I also update this monthly.

Add a new thought for my Happiness Jar daily. I created this in December and have been putting a new thought in every day. When you are having a tough day just or at the end of the year you pull out your thoughts and read them. 

Journal every single morning. I’ve been doing this since July 2014. These journal entries have now become part of The Happy Workaholic Podcast. You can listen to the latest show right here…

Trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and intake less meat products weekly. I can absolutely see the changes in my body when eating this way. I know it is best for my health so trying my best to stick with it. I just incorporated Bulletproof Coffee this week and I feel a difference just after having two cups. It is crazy!

Walk at much as I can throughout the week. I’ve gone the past two days in a row. I am so sore right now but on a mission to get back out there today. I tune up my music and power walk for about 3-4 miles. Trying to do 5X this week. Wish me luck…

Meditate daily. Even if for only ten minutes. I go through phases with this. Going to get back on track this week.


Completed a re-brand of

Updated every single social media page I have. It’s very important to keep your brand and message consistent all across the board. I just finished my Pinterest boards this morning. 

Unsubscribed from hundreds of emails that I no longer needed.

Deleted emails and social media accounts that I no longer used.

Created thank you messages for all my new followers in the notes section on my phone. I have thousands to thank so this message makes it so much easier to do.


Put together an Excel Spreadsheet to track all of my social media, LinkedIn and newsletter subscribers. I tally them every Monday night and at the end of the month to see which outlet is working best for me. I started doing this in a notebook a few months ago but decided an Excel sheet would be best!

Backed up all files in two different places. 10 years of digital files takes forever. Times two!

Organized desktop. I went from 20 folders to 6. Looks so clean now!

Took off all notification pop ups.

Cleaned up task bar!


Deleted apps I haven’s used in a few months.

Deleted email accounts I no longer needed on phone.

Deleted notes I did not need.

Organized photos into new albums and deleted one the one I did not use.

Organized my iBooks App.


Took off all social media and unused apps. I like to use my tablet to watch my webinars or videos while I work on my computer. I use my phone for social media and music. Three devices at once is normal right?

Well that’ it. I still have a few more to check off my list but I think I am off to a great start. I feel so much better working in my space now. Try it! And again leave me a comment below if you need some help or another tip. I would love to help you out…

PS For behind the scenes look at my ‘how to’s” follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, positive and productive day!