Today I am sharing a conversation I had with Eco-Inventor, Zero Waste Educator, Speaker and CEO of Coco Taps Vinny Zaldivar

Recently featured on #TheProfit on CNBC and ABC hit TV Show Shark Tank, Vinny shares the reality of reality tv and the pros and cons of business on television as well as his incredible entrepreneurial journey and why he chose this life!

CocoVinny has founded and funded a variety of business ventures over the past 20 years. Serving out the rest of his career as The Chief Coconut-In-Charge at CocoTaps.com.

Coco Taps is the world’s first patented #zerowaste coconut water removal system with ocean safe biodegradable Taps, making drinking coconut water fun convenient and better for the planet.

Coco Taps has created the zero waste ultimate vacation beverage B2B distribution that’s now in most major 5 star resorts, juice bars, restaurants and often part of music festivals in Las Vegas and beyond. Their goal is to disrupt the status quo and innovate the coconut hydration industry by tapping into the resorts, retail, theme park and cruise ship location that currently serve artificial plastic packaged and processed items.

It all started one day when CocoVinny broke his dad’s expensive knife while trying to open a coconut. After much research, he realized there was nothing on the market offering a no mess, no stress way to turn a coconut into an all-natural, drinkable & resealable container. Bottled and canned drinks for me never justified all-natural taste of coconut water. This is how Coco Taps was born!

Two extensive years of research was devoted to developing a toolkit that could make coconuts resealable for up to 4 weeks. After obtaining patents and manufacturing, Coco Taps Tool kit was created along with the Coco Taps coconut water beverage production system and first zero waste tapping facility.

No bottles, no cans and no pollution just fresh tapped coconuts. It’s all about keeping in alignment and partnering with mother nature with great taste and zero waste.

People love Coco Taps coconuts because they taste amazing, they cut the carbon footprint of traditional pasteurized and packaged coconut water by eliminating wasteful processing of cartons, cans, and plastic bottles that end up in our ocean and landfills.

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