A few years ago, I wrote a blog post on how to get organized in the upcoming year and it was a hit! So today I have decided to use that information and add more of what I have done this past year for you to make it even better. All my tips, tricks and life hacks for you to use and implement into your home, office, business and personal life! Less is more my friends. It’s time to clear out the crap and what is no longer serving you. And make room for a cleaner, more enlightened area for you to live and work in.

Below are the tasks I complete every year in my personal life, my office area as well as online and on my devices. I have also decided to continue doing this quarterly throughout 2020 to keep me on my toes. I like to do a number of these on the first of every month as well, which you will see below. So, don’t stress about getting it all done at once. Just start! Light your favorite candle, put some drops in your diffuser, turn up the volume on your music and get this organizing party started today! And if you get stuck tag me on Instagram @thehappyworkaholic so I can see what you’re up to and help you out!

Office Tasks

Shred old paperwork, legal docs and tax info from years past. Not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. I was shredding docs from 1998. Really? Obviously keep what you will need to reference.

Create a Vision Board and Calendar System for your Personal, Business and Life/Family Goals. I am a very visual person so if I have something to look at every single day it helps me stay focused. I also need a daily tracking system so for me this really works!

I just posted a video on how I mapped out six solid months of goals here! 2020 is going to be life changing for me! And I am so ready for it! Are YOU?

Get rid of battery packs, chargers and electronics that are no longer working. Set up an eBay store and sell them if they do work! Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and the Nextdoor App are great places to get rid of your items quickly and locally.

Organize folders, office supplies and paperwork. Labels, sharpies, decorative boxes, glass jars or vases and paperclips are best for this. I just cleaned out a storage unit, so this took the longest but felt so good when I finished.

Speaking of storage, I love clear bins to hold larger items such as photo albums, sports equipment and clothes. Being able to see items really helps when it comes time to shop! Use what you have first!

Create a special space for journals, old planners and notebooks. If you are like me and love to write everything down, then put them somewhere nice in case you need to ever reference them or feel like taking a break to look back at your accomplishments.

Put together a 12-month plan/calendar so you can see every day what needs to be worked on to stay ahead of the game. I have always focused on a month at a time. This year I wanted to map out all of 2020 and focus on my personal, business and life goals. So far, it’s working out for me.

Set up a work schedule and designated area for yourself. If you work from home like me, you must be scheduled, organized and love the office vibes you’ve created for yourself! Set up a routine. Try a few out and then choose the one that you feel the most creative and/or productive from. Choose a few days to work from a coffee shop or somewhere out of the house. A change of scenery is always a good idea!

Personal Tasks

Buy a planner you know you will use! It doesn’t have to be a $100 planner. It doesn’t have to be filled with stickers. By the way those give me such anxiety!

Just buy a notebook and basic planner and make them work for you! I am very particular with my planners. They first and foremost must have lines. I would be all over the place in those little boxes without them!

I am SO over the tops with my highlighting color coded system in my planner and notebook. But you know what? That is the system that works best for me and so I use it every single day! Find a system that works for you and it will change your life! I’m not kidding…

And if you really need your life changed check out my new program, The House of Organized Chaos and Successful Solutions here!

Donate everything you possibly can. Or sell, up to you! A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to travel more so I packed up my things (for the 500th time) and put them in storage. Throughout that process I realized I had so much more to donate and sell, so I did! I wanted to challenge myself and try to live as minimally as possible.

And can I just say I accomplished that task! I was able to get my clothes, makeup, all the beauty products, my office and my Iced Coffee essentials down to three bags. Check out that highlight reel on my Instagram here! I truly impressed myself!

Journal! Find a notebook that just speaks to you (design wise) and write down your thoughts every morning or evening. Whichever time you feel most empowered. I’ve been doing this since July 2014, filmed a tv pilot around a lot of those stories and then launched a podcast years later. Stay tuned for more life changing episodes coming to you in 2020!

You can listen to The Happy Workaholic Podcast on your favorite podcast channel right here!

Try to eat as healthy as possible. We all know what is good and what is bad so just make the right choice! I am giving up sugar for the first 100 days of 2020 and I also have a HUGE goal (Misogi) of dropping 100 pounds. I know I can do it and excited for the challenge and BIG WIN at the end of the year. My body has been through hell over the past three years and now that the healing and detoxing has begun, it’s simply time to get back in shape! PS Please don’t spam me with your products because I don’t want them. TIA…

Prepping meals has always been one of my favorite things to do. Cooking for me is therapeutic. It’s my stress relief. I am just in the zone when I cook! If I have a hectic work week, I will never have to worry about making bad food choices because the healthy meals are already prepared and waiting for me. If you’re into healthy soups, veggie burgers, vegan ice cream, simple stir-fry’s and more I have a ton of recipes over on my Instagram located in the highlights section here!

Some other kitchen tasks would be to throw away all the items and cans and spices in your pantry and cabinets you haven’t used in six months. Throw away food in your fridge you know will go bad. Be one step ahead of the game. Figure out which storage containers are missing their better half, recycle them and buy new ones for your meals. Design a new menu plan and shopping list every week!

I have so many more for the kitchen but that it a whole other blog!

Walk as much as you can throughout the week. It is just good to clear your mind, get fresh air and smile at strangers. Or at the birds, no judgement here! I’ll be doing this more myself as well as Yoga and Pilates in 2020.

Meditate daily. Even if you only have five minutes. Trust me! You will be so much calmer afterwards. I use the Insight Timer App the most!

Depending on my mood at night I will either watch a show or if my brain is just done I will put on my Hypnosis Sleep Well App or new meditations I found on YouTube that are guaranteed to give you a deep restful sleep. Search for the channel Nu Meditation Music on YouTube. They use Binaural Beats, Delta Waves and more.

I also love the Sleep Meditation for receiving love, money and support from Amanda Frances. Look for it on her YouTube Channel! These meditations are both over 8 hours long and play while you are sleeping.

Online Tasks

Upgrade your website and any channels and accounts that need backing up. A few months ago, I lost my website for 4 solid days. I legit had a mini heart attack. Twelve years of content and over 2 years of my podcast were gone! Luckily my servers were able to come back to life. Boy was I lucky!

It’s a New Year and a New Decade! Give all your social media pages a fresh look and updated bio. Show your followers how excited you are for this new decade!

Unsubscribe from all the emails you keep deleting. It literally is the most annoying task! I know because I just did it. A few weeks ago, both my Gmail and Outlook inboxes were full so that is when I poured myself a glass of wine and got down to business.

Delete social media accounts you are no longer using. Also delete the apps on your phone.

Create a thank you messages for all your new followers in the notes section on your phone. CTA’s are also great to have there as well as LinkedIn responses. You’ll need these when you upgrade your profile!

Change your email signature. Add your LinkedIn Profile, Podcast, favorite social channels and cell. People want to know and feel like they have a personal relationship with you so make that known!

Computer Tasks

Track all your social media numbers, podcast downloads, website traffic, income and email subscribers. I created a super simple Excel Spreadsheet a few years ago for this and use it every first of the month and track those stats. It is nice to have one place to refer to track your growth, savings etc.

If you don’t have a business you can change the titles in the Excel Spreadsheet to mortgage, bills, kids, groceries etc. Use it to keep your funds organized.

Grab the exact Excel Spreadsheet I use every month here!

Back up all files in a minimum of two different places. I have multiple clouds like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive as well as a few hard drives. We live in such a tech driven world now. But guess what? Clouds can crash, accounts can be deleted. Do yourself a favor and back all your stuff up on an external hard drive that you own! It’s better to be safe than sorry! Trust me…

Organize Your Desktop! Put all the files that are all over the place on your computer (I’m looking at YOU) into a folder that makes sense and that you will be able to find the file in later!

Change the wallpaper/background image to something that excites, motivates and inspires you the moment you turn your computer on! I know it sounds a little out there, but it makes a difference. Implementing tiny little changes like this really change your mood and your overall vibe for the day.

Don’t allow pop ups and make sure to do all the security checks and backups when needed. I choose to do this every first of the month.

Clean up task bar, cookies, search results and cache. You may feel this is extreme, but it just feels lighter and cleaner when working online. At least that is what I tell myself!

Phone Tasks

Delete apps you haven’t used in three months.

Reorganize your apps! Just do it for fun and make your brain work a little bit harder!

Delete email accounts you no longer need on phone.

Make sure you have all your music apps ready to go! When it comes time to sweat, put in a long work “sesh” on the computer or maybe you’re folding laundry and scrubbing the kitchen sink. YOU NEED MUSIC! So, find the best playlists for the tasks or create your own.

Delete notes that you are no longer using. This takes forever for me to do because I use this app all day long! It’s basically my assistant and the other half of my brain! It’s also THE BEST place to store all your hashtags from the “Gram. COPY/PASTE BABY!

Organize photos into new albums and delete what you do not need. I deleted over 1,000 pics yesterday. Mostly from my Stories…

Back your phone up to your iCloud or server when on Wi-Fi. Overnight is the best time for this. I would also recommend using this time for your phone’s software updates. We all know those are the biggest pain in the you know what!

Organize your Books App or the areas where your PDF’s live! I have all my media kits and important docs located there, so they are super easy to access when I am not on my computer and need to pitch or submit info to someone.

Well that’s it my friends. All my tips, tricks and hacks when it comes to getting organized in your personal and professional life! Don’t go getting all stressed out now. Just take it on by sections and you will feel so good once you declutter and get organized in the best way that works for you!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention my online schedule for you! This is so important so your followers know where to find you…And most importantly it keeps me accountable knowing that I must post and follow the outline I have created…

Monday: Content Creation Day. I usually don’t take any calls on Monday as they disrupt my creative process. I usually post motivating or inspiring content online on the first day of the week. You can always find me on the ‘Gram posting a little “bts” action of my day though…

Tuesday: LinkedIn Published Posts, podcast recording and LIVE videos coming soon. Patiently waiting for my feature…

Wednesday: Newsletters go out! You can subscribe here if you would like to receive the next one delivered to your inbox! This is also the day of the week I’ve chosen to do all my podcast production for my clients. You’ve got to be scheduled my friends…

Thursday: LinkedIn Published Posts and podcast recording and same as Tuesday. I’m still waiting over here…

Friday: New episode of The Happy Workaholic Podcast uploads to Apple Podcasts, iHeartRADIO, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and more…

Lastly, I have been spending more time on Instagram Stories and LinkedIn so if we are not connected, let’s do that today! You can find me @thehappyworkaholic and on LinkedIn here!

WOW! You made it to the end! Congrats! This was a long post. I hope that you enjoyed it, learned something new and will refer back whenever you feel the need to. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please share with a friend who is ready for a little life hacking and success in 2020!

Wishing you the most productive and successful year to come!

Kelly Ann-Founder/Creator of The Happy Workaholic Network


Learn more about me here…

PS Feel free to tag me on IG @thehappyworkaholic and LinkedIn @kellyanngorman when implementing some of my go-to life hacks and organizing tips! And if you need help in any of these departments I would highly suggest you check out my end of the decade sale because my virtual organizing sessions are included! You can view them all here.


Hey Friend!

I am getting ready to close up shop, start a new adventure in another country, and take the next week to prepare for a new year of fresh new upgraded content for you.

However, before that madness begins I wanted to share the latest episodes of The Happy Workaholic Podcast with you.

A few quick announcements before I drop the links below…

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Wishing you a happy, health, positive and productive New Year!



As you may or may not know I have an Autoimmune Disease called Neuromyelitis Optica. NMO for short!

When it comes to dating it could be a little tricky!

I am so glad that lemonayde has taken some of that stress away for me.

Excited to see what this app has to offer…

Click the photo below to download in your favorite App Store today and let me know what you think!

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Hello Friend! I have missed you!

It has been quite some time since I have written a blog post. Literally months…

I originally planned to post a blog on Friday and then the day got the best of me aka trying to fix my phone.

I already had content planned but then that became something so much better which is the story I will be sharing with you today!

Over the past few weeks I have been “living” and working without my beloved iPhone! Me? I know!

It’s been quite the ride and there were of course a few lessons learned along the way.

However, half of this time I was super sick so I think that is honestly how I was able to survive so long without it.

We live in a world of constant communication. Most of us are on our phones all day long.

When was the last time you went somewhere and everyone was truly engaged in conversation?

No phones out! Just humans conversating.

A few days ago I was at the beach to watch the sun set and I noticed an entire group had come out of a restaurant to take selfies. They weren’t interested in a group photo. They were all about showing their friends, families and followers their beautiful San Diego selfie pics. I too am guilty of course!

I mean…

Isn’t that the world we live in now?  I was going to get up out of my beach chair and offer my photography skills. That was until I witnessed a few selfie sticks come out.

My schedule is always planned to perfection. I schedule all of my social media posts and use a number of apps for myself and my clients that will truly attempt to make our lives easier.

I store all of my passwords as contacts in my phone. By the way I learned that is not smart at all. I somehow manage to back up my entire life on clouds and external hard drives but don’t give the same attention to my thousands of contacts in my phone. What the hell was I thinking? Three days later they have all been found and safely stored. Thank you to all of my new friends at Apple Support!

I am a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason” but this time something felt different. Something in the universe was telling me that I was going to survive without all of my god dam notificatins going off all week long. I just knew I would be ok!

I just want to mention that all of my clients and friends were already aware of my phone troubles so that was a weight of stress that did not exist! Just the piling of work I only do from my phone.

Ok so onto Friday…

As I was ready to head to the Apple store at the Westfield UTC Mall La Jolla I realized that since my phone was still frozen getting an Uber was not in the cards for me. I literally had to message a friend on Facebook  so that he could get one for me!

Cut to spending a few hours at the Apple store and another iPhone repair kiosk I still had a phone that could not be repaired. By this point I was frustrated and needed a little happy hour lovin’ in my life! I needed a glass of wine while I decided who I was going to give a lot of money to for a brand new phone.

I ended up stopping at True Food Kitchen because a few of my friends had been there before. They said it was grear! I also noticed that they had a great happy hour. Ironically happening at the very moment I needed it the most!

I sat down at a table all alone. And without a phone. I did have my planner and notebooks with me so I was able to get a few tasks completed. This is actually when I started writing this post. This is also when my outlook on life changed for the best. No more phone…

Since the realization of my phone not being able to get repaired I decided to just roll with it and live my best dam life without it for another day!

Once I was sat at my table I told my server Stephanie the “short” version of my phone drama and that we would probably become best friends before I left because I had nobody to talk too! lol

She suggested a Rose; so I went with it. Two minutes later a bottle arrive? The women delivering the bottle looked a bit shocked as did I! Apparently, there was an error in the system so they brought a bottle over a glass. For a split second I did have to question myself! I was so stressed out. Maybe I did say bottle! lol

Someone else came over with that bottle. The General Manager Jeremy. He too wanted to see who the hell ordered herself a bottle of Rose! I mean I know I am a bit high maintanance sometimes and LOVE a good deal but that was a bit excessive. Even at Happy Hour!

All of a sudden I am having a full blown conversation (this lasted the few hours I dined in) with my other new best friend Jeremy (the GM of True Food Kitchen).

We chatted about the philosphy behind the restaurant and brand which by the way created by Dr. Andrew Weil. Based around an Anti-Inflammatory diet. This definitely peeked my curiousity as I have NMO. When trying to live your best life with an Autoimmune Disease you really need to be careful with the foods you eat. So basically it was great that I stopped to check out True Food Kitchen.

Jeremy and I ended up chatting about so many other things other then food and illness. Service, sales and running  businesses. Obviously things we loved and so much more…

This is by the way in between my exceptional salad and dessert that the Chef prepared and Jeremy had sent to my table with perfectly poured Rose’s.

This is where I would like to add that I went into this restaurant a sweaty mess with no makeup on, a hat and wearing my basic workout clothes. Not even the cute ones!

I was immediately greeted, sat and served (in my opinion) by some of the best in the biz. I honestly had one of the best experiences since moving back to San Diego.

I just wanted to find a fun new atmosphere to have a glass of wine in and to figure out what the hell I was going to do about my phone. Instead I had some of the best conversations that I have had in quite some time.

Do I need my phone on me all the time? Yes!

Did it scare me that my device has been frozen on and off for days? Yes!

Am I living my best dam life without it? Hell yah! And that was without any pics taken for the Gram!

Moral of the Story…

Try to live in some silence every now and then. I promise you will notice that your world doesn’t have to revolve around selfies, social media and the constant notification. Even if it is your job!

You can follow up, you can email, you can delay responses. What you cannot do is delay life!

Go out alone. See the city you live in, meet the people the Universe wants you to meet today and be sure to report back to me. I’m telling you this break feels amazing at the end!

Not having my phone over the past few days was a great reason to get out of the house and meet the new people who had come into my life at True Food Kitchen.

You should always give yourself goals. Personally and Professionally. I say this all the time…

As for myself, I am always striving to learn more, do good and give knowledge.

Two things I learned on Friday…

Appreciate all of our “precious moments” and of course love the “perfect chaos” that we live in every single day. We all go through our own version and craziness of life. Just make sure and take a moment to appreciate the small stuff. I promise it will really change your outlook on a lot!

You never know who you are going to meet or what life has in store for you each day. What you do want to do is make sure you are always living your best dam life.

Every. Single. Day.

Friday was definitely a day to remember. I love seeing the surprises that the world has in store for me every day. I hope and wish that you have one of these unexpected experiences happen to you. Why? Because you deserve it and I know that you will appreciate it and need it at this very time of your life.

Special thank you to Jeremy (GM of True Food Kitchen La Jolla) for introducing me to my new precious moments and explaining my perfect chaos to me. And of course Stephanie! You know we’re going to bump into each other at Trader Joe’s finding our wines right? Thank you so much for keeping me company and being one of the best experienced and knowledgable Servers out there! I appreciated it more than you know…

As for my iPhone it has been repaired for now. I am currently mainfesting a brand new model to fall into my life or lap…

Thanks for reading today’s blog. I know it has been forever since I’ve posted. I have been so focused on The Happy Workaholic Podcast. 

I would love to know if you have had an amazing service experience like this lately? How about living without your phone for a bit? Let me know in the comments below…

Talk soon,


PS Chapter Two of The Happy Workaholic Podcast has now begun.

You can find Episode 81 right here.

If you’re listening on iTunes I would truly appreciate it if you could leave me a review!

Please and Thank You.















Happy Monday Friends!

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on my site and I am here to tell you why…

I have been spending a lot of time (offline) creating content for some new coaching programs as well as working with my current clients and simply learning how to enjoy life! Getting outside, journaling, meditating and creating healthy recipes are some of my favorite ways to keep myself in check!

Living with NMO (my Autoimmune Disease) can sometimes get the best of me! Especially when I have a full month of doctor appointments. However, I am a fighter so I will never give up on what I am trying to accomplish. It may take me a little longer and I may have to become extra extra creative in the process now but I can still get sh*t done!

I’ve learned that I am my best when I focus on one thing at a time. Especially when it comes to creating something BIG! So I have had to take a little break from the internet. As much as I love Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. In order to better myself and take on more clients and projects I have to remain in a positive and distraction free mindset so I have to unplug more than usual.

Today I am happy to say that many of my projects I have been working on are now complete and I would love to share them with you below!

New episodes are live on The Happy Workaholic Podcast!

The Happy Workaholic Podcast is a show about Service, Sales and Social Media. Three important ingredients needed in order to build a successful business, create long lasting relationships and take your brand to the next level. Tune in every Friday for a brand new episode where Kelly will share all of her tips, tricks and triumphs regarding all things Business, LinkedIn and Life! 

My Pinterest has been upgraded!

My Boards are all about Business, LinkedIn, Travel, Podcasting, Design and Decor, Health and Wellness, Recipes, Healthy Living and so so much more that I love!

Check it out! It’s super organized! I’m so proud to finally check that big project off my to-do list!

New blog up on LinkedIn about my new networking group (see below)!

I created a brand new group on LinkedIn called The Happy Workaholic Network!

The Happy Workaholic Network is for Business Professionals to share their story and what they have to offer. Networking is key when running a business and this group is just the place to do so. 

Once a member of the group please feel free to post a litle bit about yourself. Unlike a lot of other LinkedIn groups you may absolutely post a promo, sale or job you are trying to fill.

If you are looking for a job let everyone in the group know.

You never know who your next contact could be…

New story is up on Medium about what makes you happy!

Group Coaching Sessions are currently for sale for Leverage Your LinkedIn!

Have you ever wondered how you should be using LinkedIn to grow your business? How to create that perfect profile?

Do you want to learn why you should utilitize LinkedIn to build your brand, pitch or collab with other businesses?

Are you in need of some expert tips on how to generate leads for your business? Tricks that will save you time and money?

The Leverage Your LinkedIn (two hour live) Group Coaching (power session) includes a step by step program that is sure to upgrade your profile and get more eyes onto your page once implemented.

Come prepared. Have your questions written down because this is the time they will all be able to get answered by ME!

Class One is to learn the basics. Class Two is an advanced class. Have a question? Contact Kelly here…

Space is limited. Only ten guests permitted per class to ensure results. 

Group Coaching Sessions are currently for sale for The Podcast Project!

Over the last few months podcasting has become quite the rage!

How do I start a show?

Who will listen?

What should I talk about?

How can I promote to get listeners?

Is there a big investment involved?

Do I need specific software?

How do I design graphics?

Where do I publish my show?

How much time will it take to start a podcast?

If you have recenty asked any of the questions above then The Podcast Project (two hour live) Group Coaching (power session) is for you!

Come prepared. Have your questions written down because this is the time they will all be able to get answered by The Happy Workaholic herself Kelly Ann Gorman.

Class One is to learn the basics. Class Two is an advanced class. Have a question? Contact Kelly here…

Space is limited. Only ten guests permitted per class to ensure results. 

And coming soon…Instagram Updates!

Be sure to follow me @kkinvegas to read the news first!


If you made it this far! Thank you so much! I know that was suuuuper long.

I would love to know what keeps you motivated, focused and inspired?

Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


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This weekend was full of decluttering, reorganizing, brain dumping and recharging. I finally took the advice I am always giving to everyone else…

I took a break!

Take a moment or a weekend to do what makes you happy. Do what will help you have the most productive day or week. Take a bubble bath, read a book, clear your head with some meditation.

Reclaim that energy you are missing!

For me that meant no social media, lots of deep breathes, binging reality tv and taking walks outside. Just that little bit of sunshine does wonders!

I’m not sure why but at the end of last week my anxiety was through the roof. Well, to be honest I think it was because I had so many doctor appointments again. It takes a toll! And unfortunately I am really good at surpressing feelings which is not recommended. Trust me. I am working on that!

This is why I needed to take a breather…

I’m trying hard to stay healthy, productive and happy! For me that is a full time job!

Having an autoimmune disease is not fun! This past week was a reminder that when I feel my body shutting down it is definitely time for a break! I know now that if I push myself I’ll end up ten times worse.

Even my doctor told me to relax! So this weekend I listened!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about some creative projects I have in the works. For me when it is time to create I cannot have anything else in the way. This is just how I produce the best work.

I did a lot of list making and will continue to work on those projects more this week!

One of them is my live cooking show that will be happening in the KK Cafe Facebook Group. If you would like to learn more about the KK Cafe click here. 

If you enjoy meeting new people, being healthy amd sharing recipes then this is definitely a group you will want to be a part of!

2018 for me is going to be about getting back on track with my health and doing what make me happy.

And it should be the same for you! If something is blocking you from being happy and achieving your goals then get rid of it. As I speak from experience. You just need to do what is best for YOU!

I truly love coaching and helping my client’s succeed. I love to create and I love to cook so stay tuned for some pretty great announcments coming your way.

If you’re not on my VIP Newsletter list you can join right here!  That’s where all my news is sent first! I also send out some special pricing for my coaching programs every now and again. Every Wednesday night is when you’ll see me show up in your inbox! No spam. Just me!

That’s all for today. A quick little message and reminder to always listen to your body, take time to relax, do what makes YOU the happiest and always practice what you preach!

What are some of your little projects that keep you happy and relaxed? Let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,


PS Want to know how my Monday morning started out? Check out my Instagram Stories here!



I am not sure what happened today. I woke up and everything was fine. For some odd reason everything on my to-do list was a big pain in the ass. Simple projects like installing java script on my site. I just could not get it done correctly. Writing this blog post earlier today. It was just an impossible task!

My brain was filled with technicalities so I honestly couldn’t write or create. I had so many design projects on the books today that I just could not complete. So many pitches that had to be done. And the list goes on. Needless to say I definitely had a strange morning.

Has this ever happened to you? OMG! Did I have a case of the Mondays…

After getting some advice from a few of my friends I decided to turn my computer off and get outside to work out. I did two miles and feel so much better!

Once I got home I showered, did a face and hair mask and painted my toes. I am even going to attempt my nails after I post this. I know…living on the edge.

Right now I’m eating some cereal, drinking a glass of wine and blasting my Broadway music. Not sure of the food combo and why I was craving it but I must say I am in such a better mood right now then I was earlier. I forgot to mention I am craving bacon like crazy! What does that even mean?

I’ll be honest with you. I put a large amount of pressure on myself to get a lot done in a timely manner. However, when I walk away (go for a workout) I realize that everything can wait. I have to focus on myself first so that I am able to give 150%.

That is the recap of what I did this afternoon and I am so proud of myself that I did get outside. Especially for some Vitamin D. My old self would have kept going and be totally burnt out in the morning and have to do it all over again. And without a workout.

So now that I am back to myself I want to share something so incredible with you! Something that I have always been extremely passionate about. Something that always puts a smile on my face. That my friends is cooking. I love creating amazing meals from scratch and being able to entertain.

Fun Fact: I have held positions on motor yachts and in restaurants cooking! I bet you didn’t know that?

Here is my super exciting news…

I started a brand new Facebook group called the KK Cafe. 


Something else I have always wanted to have was a LIVE cooking show! So that is happening too! That’s right I’ll be cooking live!

You’re probably curious how that name came about. It’s simple. My friends call me KK and my kitchen the KK Cafe as I am probably the most high maintance iced coffee drinker, cappuccino maker ever! And that is really how it started. If you follow me on Instagram you can also find me @kkinvegas!

If you are into meeting a fun group of people, sharing recipes and a good laugh then I would absolutely love to have you in the KK Cafe! And if you know someone else who you think would love it please let them know. The more the merrier right?

To join the KK Cafe today click here!

That’s all I have for you tonight.

Talk soon,


PS What is your favorite meal to cook at hme? Let me know in the comments.


Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here and I could not be more excited about it!

Today I have a pretty big announcement to make on Facebook so I’ve been preparing a lot of to-do lists and content checklists all afternoon. You know me. Miss Organized! Need to make sure everything is in place!

I am definitely going to take it easy later today though as the last few days I went hard! I was on a mission to finish 2017 strong. If you were able to listen to my last two shows on The Happy Workaholic Podcast you are in the know. If not, I shared a lot on my Instagram Stories as well so feel free to check that out if you follow me…

If you want a behind the scenes look at my day and want to learn some business tips first I always share them on Instagram Stories so let’s connect if we aren’t already. You can follow me @kkinvegas right here!

Here is some great news! I have finally upgraded my website. It took me hours to redesign but so so worth it! It’s my pride and joy and the one place to come to learn everything about me!

And guess what? Every Monday you will be able to read a new blog post from me right here on my website. That’s something new I am starting today! So welcome to my first post of 2018! I’m glad you are here…

Take a look around and let me know what you think of my site!

I’ll also be blogging on Medium and LinkedIn every week just like I was in 2017. That is definitely not going to change.

What IS going to change and has already is my outlook on life. So many negative things had happened to me in 2017 and I am so glad to be able to have left them behind.

I have added a few more projects into the mix this year because they are something that I have been wanting to do but was not able because of health reasons and chemo treatments.

One of them will be on Facebook and really really excited about that! As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be on my page later today to make the “official” announcement.

One of the most important changes I am making is my Business Coaching Programs. I am going to focus more on my favorite words in business. Service. Sales. Social Media. These little words are the key to your success. No matter what line of business you are in! I know because it’s what I live and breathe.

Providing the best service possible. Knowing how and when to sell or pitch. How to incorporate social media to build your business. The techniques I have put together will definitely take your brand to another level.

I share everything I do in my line of work and put together a very specific program for each client for them to reach the level of success that they want!

I will definitely be sharing more business tips and lessons on my podcast too! If you are not subscribed you can do so on the home page of my website right here!

There are 40 shows up now and I will have my first episode of 2018 up on Friday!

Something else I do that not too many know about is design websites. I’ve been using WordPress for ten years now and have designed so many sites and blogs for myself and now clients. I honestly love it!

I by no means know how to code! I just know how to listen to people when they talk about their business. I hear what they need. I sketch an outline of what their site should look like to represent them the best and then get to work! I love it! And my clients have loved the work so far so I am excited to be adding that to my portfolio this year!

Lots of LinkedIn content as well! That is also on the list for 2018. If we are not connected on LinkedIn yet… What are you waiting for? That is my favorite playground online. Especially when it comes to building your business.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here!

Lastly, another project I had to put on hold the last six months was my Luxury Brand Consulting. Well my friends I am back in the saddle! If you have a luxury brand and looking for more ways to get it into some new hands and in front of new eyes I am your girl! This is one of my absolute favorite things to do! It gives me that rush! I love love love it!

Seeing the joy on someone’s face and their eyes light up when they talk about their business makes me want to work 150% for them to get it to where they truly want it to be! To get it to that “next level”!

I love people. I have always been a people person. I’m the girl that will just start talking to a random person in line at a store and end up following them online and doing business with them or just staying friends with them forever. Do you have one of those crazy friends? That’s me! It’s just my personality. It always has been and I use that to the best of my ability when it comes to business and helping others grow!


As you have probably been reading online (lately) everyone is talking about “their word” for 2018.

I honestly struggled with this for a while. I’m not really sure why because I am usually pretty good when it comes to things like this. I knew my word to close out 2017 was TRIUMPHANT! However, it took me weeks to come up with one that would fit me perfectly that would describe my year ahead.

Finally it just came to me a few hours ago as I was sitting on my bed making my to-do lists.

My word for 2018 is UNSTOPPABLE!!!

As you can see from above I am a woman on a f’ng mission! And why the hell not? I love what I do. I love to create. I love to help others succeed. I love life. So I am making the best out of everything I have to be able to do what I love and that is work…

Hence, the name of my show and Business Coaching Program. The Happy Workaholic!

What is your word for 2018? Let me know in the comments. So excited for our new year ahead.

And of course thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today! If you are new here and would like to sign up for my weekly VIP Newsletter you can do so on the bottom of my home page right here! I send them out every Wednesday…

Talk soon,




From someone who used to be allergic to the word “unplug” I somehow managed to (years later) learn how to do so. Not so much to do it but I learned why I NEEDED to do it! For my mind, body and soul…

It doesn’t matter what career you are in, if you work from home or take care of your family. All of these are job and you MUST take the time to unplug, relax and maybe even meditate. Be grateful for what you have. Take the time to write these things down in a journal. Create a zen for yourself. Create a happy place to escape to even if it just in your mind.

When you take the time to do this you will come back to wherever you needed to get to faster because you are feeling so refreshed.

When I gave myself this challenge of writing 30 blogs in 30 days for my How To Series I thought it was honestly going to be a piece of cake.


That was not the case. I had to create a posting schedule for 30 days and five weeks that would make sense and excite my readers. Manage the professionals posts that were sent to me as I had many guests help me create a few posts each week. Then I had to share my story as well as a few others every day. Almost every post was at a minimum of 1,000 words.

And I am so happy and thrilled to share with you that today is Blog #30. The end of my How To Series. I am not going to lie when I tell you how proud I am that I achieved this personal goal of mine. Again…

That being said I am going to take my own advice and unplug this weekend. I’m going to take deep breathes, write in my journal and just escape from my norm…

Aside from unplugging I will be working on The Happy Workaholic Podcast!

I wanted to leave a few of my favorite “unplugged” quotes. Please enjoy them below…

It was true pleasure writing this series every day and I truly appreciated all of the comments here as well as all over my social media channels.

I want to connect and/or stay connected with you! Let me know what is going on in your world…

Comment below and let’s chat.

Want to connect with me on my social pages? Just visit my home page to follow me.

Now it is time for me to officially unplug until Monday and I hope you do the same…


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As someone who has always been up and down in weight it wasn’t until a few years ago that I began eating the right foods and just not the right portions. I finally realized that I needed to eat certain foods as they were actual fuel for my body. Giving me the nutrients and energy that I needed for the day. This is when I really started to listen to my body! My past story was always making sure to prep my meals and eat in portions but it was what I was putting in those meals that was all wrong. Too many bad carbs, sodium, gluten and sugar! These are definite no no’s in my book especially with having an autoimmune disease. There are certain things that just do not agree with me. Wheat and Soy are two of them. Now I know why I always looked swollen and bloated in pics. It wasn’t the alcohol it was the food! I’m not kidding…

I decided to go (almost) dairy free about four years ago. The reason behind this was I found out I could not have my iced coffee with milk in the hour after I took my thyroid medication in the am. So obviously, I had to find a resolution for that because I cannot go that long without my iced coffee in the morning. That is when I discovered my sugar-free vanilla almond milk. Which I still use every morning. Side Note: After a week my skin was clearer and all of my bloating went away. I was in shock when I realized it was dairy that was actually causing that.

I do cheat and have dairy every now and then. Sometimes (monthly) I am in need of a soft-serve cone and on Friday night I need pizza. I am still searching for a dairy free cheese without soy that I love. So if you have any names please send them my way. I grew up on pizza every Friday night. I have to have the mozzarella and that is that! I am such a high maintenance East Coaster. Pizza and Iced Coffee! Hello! I cannot live without them. Cannot!

Over the last few months I’ve been creating vegan and vegetarian meals! Lentil Vegan Falafel, Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes, Detox Soups, Vegan Ice Cream, Fresh Juices, Hummus and my favorite so far are to make homemade Veggie Burgers. I have about five different variations now. Cooking is also a huge stress reliever for me so spending hours in the kitchen just puts me at ease. Using random ingredients and leftovers in my meals is usually one of the ways I end up making the most unique but delicious meals.

Throughout the process of cooking my meals I usually post on my Instagram Stories. And then the final result is posted on my Pinterest. I honestly just love to share my recipes. And find new ones that I attempt to create as well! I definitely need to up my baking skills. I will not deny that but at least I am trying right? lol

If you have been reading my How To Series all month long you may have read a few times about a Facebook group I am a part of that has literally changed the way I think, speak and live. The best way to describe it is that I got an attitude makeover. It was created by Cara Alwill Leyba aka creator of the blog The Champagne Diet and the book Girl Code as well as many others. This group is filled with the most inspirational, motivational and empowered women from all around the world. Yes! That actually exists. If you would like to see what The Slay Baby Collective is all about just click here...

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post. If you would like to get caught up on the rest of the How To Series posts click here. I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day! 30 straight days of blogs. Wow! Almost there and then it’s CHALLENGE COMPLETE for me!!! I am so proud of myself and thankful for everyone who was a part of the How to Series. As I could not have made it as good as it is without you…

Please let me know what you thought about the post today. Leave a comment below. Please and Thank You.

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Wishing you a wonderful week!