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I am not sure what happened today. I woke up and everything was fine. For some odd reason everything on my to-do list was a big pain in the ass. Simple projects like installing java script on my site. I just could not get it done correctly. Writing this blog post earlier today. It was just an impossible task!

My brain was filled with technicalities so I honestly couldn’t write or create. I had so many design projects on the books today that I just could not complete. So many pitches that had to be done. And the list goes on. Needless to say I definitely had a strange morning.

Has this ever happened to you? OMG! Did I have a case of the Mondays…

After getting some advice from a few of my friends I decided to turn my computer off and get outside to work out. I did two miles and feel so much better!

Once I got home I showered, did a face and hair mask and painted my toes. I am even going to attempt my nails after I post this. I know…living on the edge.

Right now I’m eating some cereal, drinking a glass of wine and blasting my Broadway music. Not sure of the food combo and why I was craving it but I must say I am in such a better mood right now then I was earlier. I forgot to mention I am craving bacon like crazy! What does that even mean?

I’ll be honest with you. I put a large amount of pressure on myself to get a lot done in a timely manner. However, when I walk away (go for a workout) I realize that everything can wait. I have to focus on myself first so that I am able to give 150%.

That is the recap of what I did this afternoon and I am so proud of myself that I did get outside. Especially for some Vitamin D. My old self would have kept going and be totally burnt out in the morning and have to do it all over again. And without a workout.

So now that I am back to myself I want to share something so incredible with you! Something that I have always been extremely passionate about. Something that always puts a smile on my face. That my friends is cooking. I love creating amazing meals from scratch and being able to entertain.

Fun Fact: I have held positions on motor yachts and in restaurants cooking! I bet you didn’t know that?

Here is my super exciting news…

I started a brand new Facebook group called the KK Cafe. 


Something else I have always wanted to have was a LIVE cooking show! So that is happening too! That’s right I’ll be cooking live!

You’re probably curious how that name came about. It’s simple. My friends call me KK and my kitchen the KK Cafe as I am probably the most high maintance iced coffee drinker, cappuccino maker ever! And that is really how it started. If you follow me on Instagram you can also find me @kkinvegas!

If you are into meeting a fun group of people, sharing recipes and a good laugh then I would absolutely love to have you in the KK Cafe! And if you know someone else who you think would love it please let them know. The more the merrier right?

To join the KK Cafe today click here!

That’s all I have for you tonight.

Talk soon,


PS What is your favorite meal to cook at hme? Let me know in the comments.