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Today is a special day! My 31st episode. So of course I had to have a special show on Halloween 10/31!!!

Ok so there’s a lot I talk about in this show….

  1. My latest Chemo Treatment. Thank god I am back to (my) normal now. Special shout out to my bulletproof coffee this morning. Have a recipe? Please send my way. I want to try them all! More importantly, a bigger shout out to all of you who have reached out! I appreciate it more than I can put into words…
  2. The Just For Us Community. Why I created it and why I am sharing more in the group. This will include my How To Series every single day throughout November. 31 topics in 30 days. It will cover five of my favorite subjects. How to be and stay organized, business tips, beauty tricks, travel planning as well as health and wellness knowledge. You will also be able to follow this How To Series on my Medium page. Click here to join the JFU Community. Click here to follow me on Medium.
  3. LEVERAGE YOUR LINKEDIN VIDEO SERIES launches tomorrow right on LinkedIn so make sure we are connected so you don’t miss out! Lots of tips and tricks that I will be sharing so be sure to get a pen and notebook ready for when you watch. Connect with me on LinkedIn right here!
  4. It’s Halloween! Be safe trick or treating and don’t eat too much candy. That’s it for today….

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Talk soon, Kelly

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