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Episode 22: Suffering from Depression

I’m not going to lie I went back and forth earlier today trying to decide if I would record this show as it’s very personal and something I have NEVER talked about before. But as this podcast is about my life it only seemed like it was the right thing to do! So I am sharing my story with you today! I was definitely a bit nervous recording this one (which you can hear in my voice) but at least I am keeping it real!

After the day I had yesterday I felt like I needed to share my experience as I know I am not the only one out there dealing with these issues. And if I can help others out there in any way then I know what I am doing is right.

In this Episode I share my struggles with depression and anxiety and how I choose to live every day, which would be as positive a possible. Some days you can help it and some days you just have to throw in the towel. And it’s OK because it is your life and sometimes you just need to listen to what your body needs and take the break that is needed. Again. It is OK!!!

Towards the end of the show I mentioned the Just For Us Community that I created a few months ago which you can learn more about right here.

The JUST FOR US COMMUNITY is a happy, healthy, positive and productive place created for anyone going through a tough time in life. Health, heartache or just in need of some happiness. A place for everyone to share stories and bring awareness to their diseases, illnesses and feelings through video and voice. It is a safe area for you to share your thoughts, find a few friends and most importantly know that you are not alone! Trusting that there is power is numbers and always hope ahead. A place to find information. A place to engage. A place where tears and laughter are appreciated and allowed. A place Just For Us.

To join the JUST FOR US COMMUNITY please click on the links below…

Public Facebook Page @justforuscommunityorg

Private Facebook Group

To learn more about my NMO story you may visit the blog post here…

And guess what? We now have one place for all of us to be able to interact with one another.

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